Greg Nieuwsma – Rabbit Hole Variations

Artist: Greg Nieuwsma
Title: Rabbit Hole Variations
Keywords: experimental, Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

When you or anyone else is pushed into the new wicked release of music by Greg Nieuwsma you will wade yourself into a spastic bewilderment that is funnily jumping all over the place. It’s as if you are in a saloon occupied by clowns, tom and jerry cartoons have become alive and are running around the piano erea, sentimental folk heroes have opened up their toilet doors to show them seated with their pants down their ankles while supplying the tones of true craftsmanship in humanity.

In other words you simply might have the instant feeling that you don’t know where to look or poke your ears in, but knows that in this music zone anything can happen and if you don’t pay it the attention that it deserves, you probably miss out on a lot of golden nuggets in music form. It’s here that when you hear and recognise the sentiment you can actually imagine yourself in the midst of it all near a window, looking out to a fully grown full moon as the rest of the mad house noises fade out to a peaceful silence.

But while your mind and fantasy might drift away, the playful lunacy of the surreal inner surroundings for sure didn’t leave the building at all. They might be out of their minds, pretending to be on hallucinated carousels going around in circles with their eyes big as mad saucers. It’s freaky and satisfying at the same time. A mad house with sparkly flashy lights and blow up balloons dancing elegantly in a surreal matter. Is it a dream or a nightmare? To be honest, for me it’s hard to tell as I guess one person’s hell is a heaven for another. But I can tell you that it’s hypnotic and fascinating. Its up to you to find out if this statement of pure journalism is true or not. But with this busy traffic in place, you know that this music is the perfect scenery to get you saved from reality.

The more you will be into this, the better the escape room becomes. Having the cuter mellowness embrace your ears with a frolic edginess that somehow befriends you along the way. Enough to make you feel happy and comfortable enough to go and sit on one of the pretty indoor fun fair carousel horses yourself and let the entire environment of melodies go round and round. And after that… Some more round again! Unwittingly you are accepting and becoming one in this magical piece of hypnotic imaginative melodic miracles. Here you can take a break, smoke that funny cloud of comfort as the cozy world quietly dissolves around you. Greg Nieuwsma controls it all like a theatrical meastro who clearly aims at the vibe of inner and outer blessfull peace-time at the very end. It’s quirky and sweet, as if it drove us home… Sweet home.

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