Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin – Crawlspace

Artist: Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin
Title: Crawlspace

Petunia-liebling macpumpkin offers her latest entrance in the visualization of her album, one in which we got a high david lynch kind of sentiment that takes us to the lounge of a seemingly dodgy hotel in which we are booked a space in the crawlspace. A strange surreal time is what it is offering us, with stimulating flying lips that caresses our comfortable eery stay and a odd looking cowboy checking us in and probably being there in case we need a cocktail or two along the way.

It’s a stylish happening, one in which it is clear that everything is in the detail. The eyes of the beholder would have plenty to nitpick and to quietly wonder and ponder about. These shiny teeth offer you kindly the directions to acknowledge where you are as the neon lights of the bar has a similar effect as hanging out like a crazed out jack nickelson in a hot drinking scene in the shining hotel. The style of dressing is equally a fashion statement as a whole level apart. Strict, strong, neat and in order while you let your imagination slip into the blond lady who booked a room in the other side of the crawlspace too.

It is seemingly a full house over here, clearly a place that makes sure we are enjoying our stay even if it’s a bit odd and deranged. When we come home and connect to the internet we might give it a strange review on trip advisor, saying that it certainly is a trip never to forget and that the music that plays along our stay will be haunting our memories for at least an internity. It makes you wonder where you had been, if it all had been a delirious dream of some kind or that your mind might have played little tricks. But all I can say is that your crawlspace is always ready for you in the following video:

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