Santa Sprees – Sum Total of Insolent Blank

Artist: Santa Sprees
Title: Sum Total of Insolent Blank
keywords:  alternative pop art pop avant bubblegum lo-fi low-skilled no wave no-fidelity outsider primitive

Santa Sprees crafted a biggy among albums out there. It feels as three albums in one, so you bet you will be finding things of your liking and maybe some things that are not. But more importantly: you will find a wealth of genuine fun entertainment. While some encounters with lengthy filled up releases are a bit as if they had thrown their hats at it, Santa Sprees clearly had kept the hat firm on with every track and manically added alot of love, attention and yes quality to each recording.

Yep, it’s nice to toss around a nice bunch of complimental feathers if it is deserved so once in a while. Maybe the pandemic helped, as it isn’t hard to imagine Santa Sprees being hard hit by it, but seemibgky embraced the sea of new found  time to chase the dragon of songs, sound and music. It’s much better than being joblessly sobbing your final days away, right? Santa Sprees is investing in a brighter future, or if you play this album it actually brightens up your day immediately. Doctors orders can go to hell, but if I had been a groovy doctor I would for sure prescribe this album instead of all those pharmaceutical mood altering ‘happy’ pills.

Yep, you go for this and forget about the rest for a while. Feeling those happy slap bass in your funny bones and sometimes even hum along as if you had heard it somewhere before. Even though it seems like hours of music over here, it is clear that Santa Sprees clearly aimed and conquered a certain home baked quality to all of it. No stone is seemingly left behind and that does my heart of a random music lover well and good. With this in mind I clearly find myself  happily dive into this mega album over and over again. Even keeping it in the collection, ready to play it to every visitor that dares to come over in my little music room.

Good vibes and odd times go hand in hand, but in general there is a cozy vibe that clearly has the power to add a little quirky  warmth and humidity to each and every household that it gets played in. I much more prefer to find myself and guests spontaneously happily dancing around in our underpants than being served a sad or doomed feeling that alot of other 2020 albums are seemingly seem to aim for. Yep, listening to Santa Sprees is a upper, maybe a bit odd to some but in general I believe it will unleash some floral happiness to most that dare to give it a fanatic background spin.

You can hear in between the rules that Santa Sprees has a broad interest and that it isnt afraid to side step out of its own comfy zone in order to try fun music things out, but for the most part Santa Sprees strength clearly sits in the songs, the honest singing, the wonky flubber bass and the quirky style  of organs and sharp drums – it makes a colorful groovy world that has the energy to light up a room, makes your legs all wobbly and your mood into a happy dancing one. It’s playful and fun, turning starch faces into smiling ones and frozen mummies into flexible dancing elastic bendy types! Such a thing is hard to imagine but with the album named Sum Total of insolent blank it clearly is a natural self-explaining reaction.

There is a nice amount of self reflection, a great spoon of humor too. Yep, the songs that are sung is clearly no Lou Reed, but more like a genuine vocalist that has to let it’s heart out and isn’t afraid to blow the flute if it has to. From one flow of wonder into the next while it’s transitions are seemingly mostly decorated with little intermezzos that are way too nice to be labeled as such. Its just that they are a bit shorter and cary more room for those sidesteps out of Santa Sprees more comfortable comfortable zone. Not that they aren’t confident or cozy within those, it’s just that the actual strength of them seem to truly flourish in the tunes in which they seem at home and full of packed confidence. You know when all joins up and flubber tightly in togetherness, when that bass hits, those drums kicks and that organ plays and that singer speaks it’s genuine heart out.

It’s inviting friendly fire and certainly feels like that satisfying moment in which hannibal of the A-team chews on a cigar and mumbles something about how much he likes it when a plan all comes together. This album right here seems to be a good reason to chew such a thing and mumble something alone similar lines as clearly all these songs, tunes – hours of genuine writing, production and recording  – clearly came together as one. A happy medicine for all in need for a upper in these oddball bleak times.  So if I was you, (and I ain’t you!) I would be stopping the prozac supply and hitting that link at the bottom like a manic, ready to hop and wiggle around in cozy quirky happiness for a while!

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1 Response to Santa Sprees – Sum Total of Insolent Blank

  1. Santa Sprees says:

    Thank you for this generous, giddy twirl of a review. We love it.

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