Apricot My Lady – Newly Refurbished and Tussock Moth

Artist: Apricot My Lady
Title: Newly Refurbished and Tussock Moth
Keywords: adventurous, experimental,
Label: Esc.rec.

Apricot, my Lady? Is a question they have never asked me. Maybe because I ain’t someone’s lady and neither have a lot of apricots around. Still, somehow it would sound appealing to me; being a lady and being offered a apricot. I mean it could have been a banana which strangely sounds less lady-like. To think that Apricot My Lady is the title of a music project certainly feels like it will politely inviting a certain weird exotic sensation to the table & indeed the music behind this moniker clearly delivers such a thing. In fact it’s a whole journey of this kind, clearly aiming to let us go down a sensory sensation that politely trips from one polite experimental experience through the other, all having this fair brightness of being  young and bewildered wonders.

It is for the most part as if Apricot My Lady is everytime and everywhere just as surprised and equally fascinated by what it discovered when creating these audio creations. It leaves a feeling of high self discovery, of proudness even – like a scientist that accidentally invents audio wonders to step in of extraordinary kind and immediately jumps out naked in the street to tell everyone all about it. That’s how fresh it all sounds. No sitting on it, not letting anything of it rot or getting old in a basement if forgetfulness, but more of obsessively  discovering things and than  quickly moving on to the next without looking back. It’s confident and fresh without being overly looked at and cradled to death by polishing it too much. It’s like having that spirit of birth, of bewildered wonder and sweet innocent self  exploration.

Even though the entire trip does not contain blatant drums or percussive material, somehow (perhaps magically?) there is a nice rhythmic sensation going on that keeps the procession of the track by track experience freshly vibrant and flowing like a young sense of self discovery. Things are all over the place, anything unexpected can happen and yet they have that energetic youthfulness that makes it all fit nicely together. Even though Apricot My Lady might come across jokingly weird at times (maybe even a lot of the time actually), it certainly seems to carry itself seriously enough to not come across like a clowns act in the middle of a acid session. In fact it feels like the design of a opposite creation, leaving a clean cut play that makes you think that Apricot My Lady is refraining from all mind altering substances and stuck to the great feeling of getting fanatically high and obsessed on its own sound design and their strange delirious adventuress.

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