Waterflower – Balta Gaisma

Artist: Waterflower
Title: Balta Gaisma
Keywords: electronic art pop audiovisual avant-garde electronica experimental Riga

Waterflower adds a fresh splash of magic water to the ear buds to enable the natural growth of her unique world of music. It’s very original, compare it to an experience of being brought to another planet in which Waterflower rules with a mystique strength that almost can’t be deciphered by the average earth inhabitants. Everything is alive, with words that hits us and yet go beyond our tiny micro heads. She sings in her own language on a bed of strange surreal electronics, one of a light power trip that makes you want to bow down as you imagine the artist half floating over a rolled out bright pink carpet, leaving a trail of freshly growing beautiful alien nature on each side and us easy admirers stunned by the charming angelic presentation. She will bring a big ball of bright light with her and trust me, considering the circumstances I’m sure everyone will be happy to be take in by it.

With glittering passion the living being shows us it’s presence over beee and all we can do is lay down in wonder, accepting Waterflower as the new leader who saves us all from earthly devastations. Her heart is big and fluorescent, kind enough to do her best to inspire and ask for us to be strong and step into the most peaceful time in history, a freedom almost hard to imagine outside the world that is contained on the album, but severely infectious and real when you encounter it in the music and textual form. Waterflower sets a safe place, one in which you can let yourself go and do not have to obstruct your mind. Your thoughts can flow freely. In this context Waterflower’s music sets the start for a bright future, sketches a new and pleasant life that sounds so much more appealing than what the dimension of this time is offering us right now.

Like following angels we seem to be devoured by all these new fascinating sensations, this new world with bright ideas and innovations. It’s here that Waterflower comes across as a higher priestess of a goddess nature world and the music over here the magical realm that lays out an alternative universe that any sensible human being would love to live in forever. Begging Waterflower to take us in, let us fly over this occult knowledge of the greater good into a new place that smells and looks glorious. We are promised Waterflower flying over us with a  guidance that will finish of her life work, replacing reality with dreams and all that we wish is to be there at that fine moment when the creating oracle of this album reaches this high state and expands her wonderous land of musical freedom all over all that we can see. Waterflower can be Waterflower now and with that in mind we seem to be happy sparkles under her comfortable wings.

No more politics, no more wars, no more human obscurities or pretending games to just be able to fit in. With Waterflower we can and shall escape to a much more glorious state of consciousness, one in which the ground is fruitful, the air is full of Chrystal clear sounds, the sky is rich of clean oxygen and a new age empire reaches out further than ideas and suggestions can ever meet the eye. A music innovation of pure love that almost makes me wish that Waterflower started a cult, as it would be the happiest and freest safety space to inmidiately sign up for. One in which music rules, one in which surreal nature grows up all around us and Waterflower’s angelic presentation is pleasing for us and all the flora and fauna around us. An album that you just don’t want to end, but also that comes across as a magical bewhitching statement that hopefully will change the world into one of Waterflower and followers own invention.

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