Sascha Müller – Acid Acapella, Vol. 3

Artist: Sascha Müller
Title: Acid Acapella, Vol. 3
Keywords: acid, acapella acid

At first you might think that nobody in their right mind would order themselves some acid acapella, unless you are a real spaced out acid freak or someone who is a talentless wannabe techno producer that needs the acid lines premade for them in order to mix and match it with a stolen four by four bass kick of their choice and perhaps find the rest of a sturdy beat to go along with it. Still, Sascha Müller (yes the legendary producer!) has released quite alot of acid acapellas onto the world. To sit down with them is for the most part like being in a club listening to a hang-in-there middle piece in the hope that any minute the needle will drop and the party really kicks off as if there is no tomorrow. But needless to say, with acid acapella there is no whoohoo party moment, there is no bouncing around on a fierce hardcore kick… It’s like being on a acid trip that simply never seems to end or start, depending on what way you would look at it.

Yup, you guessed it. Listening to acid acapella might take some time to be fully grasped, as it’s unusual to come across acid this way. It’s the acid lines stripped from their techno attire, as if they are there buttnaked wiggling their unflattering ass cheeks in front of you while you are wondering if you took the right pills or not. Still, after a while adapting to the nakedness of these fanatic acid lines you might still find yourself moving and dancing as if you are at a party. A very weird party, but considering there shouldn’t be many normal parties around with the pandemic circus going on, I think it’s best to take it as it is and appreciate everything that even vaguely resembles one.

Somehow it got me moving like a wabbling duck, letting the acapella acid quack its own rhythm within my head as I fantasized an oversized rhythm section with it. At one point I found myseif a cooking pan and a spoon and banged it around to dress up the acapella acid lines. Yup, no fun for the neighbors perhaps, but sometimes you need to give into these urges to just go in and bang some noises. Especially with these acid acapella lines almost screaming, begging for them to be dressed. I understand their position though, after all it’s as good as winter and their nipples must be hard as hell.

But yeah, after a while even I got tired from banging cooking pans and when I stopped, the acid acapellas would simply go on and on. Making me realize that it’s brave of Sascha Müller’s acid to be so proud and in the open about themselves. I mean, why should they feel ashamed of their true selves? These acid lines are born naked and that most people dress them up in mixes of other sounds or plain beats is (if you think about it) a strange phenomenon. It’s like humans… We are all born naked, but most of us quickly get shoved on some clothes, or at least a diaper. Maybe because we are freaks of nature, having no natural furr to keep our bodies warm from cold, or cool when it’s hot.

Now we see a little bit of leg and go full mayhem… but acid lines, these proud acid bleebs and blobs brought out by Sascha to shine and do their thing are there shameless and beautiful. The more you witness them doing their thing, letting them wash all over you.. the more they come across as individuals that are intoxicatingly awesome in their own right. They don’t need anyone to lift them up, they don’t need an attire of techno baloney to support them… No these acid acapellas proof that they are strong and hypnotizing independent creations that will make you feel proud to witness them so confidently liberated!

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