Norm MacDonald’s favorite stand-up comedian Brian Regan

As I have 13 euro cent on my bank acount, I have had no plans to afford internet in my little hideout, but gladly found a sporadic spot at the nearby train station that sometimes provides some access to steal some precious data from. I have been lately using it to download stand up comedy. It takes forever as it is not only slow and a weak signal, it also cuts off plenty of times. So you must be grateful if you managed to download 25 minutes of some douche telling a joke and hope it is laughable at the end. As nothing is really as good as having a free laugh at the cost of standing in the cold, reconnecting multiple times to some idiots person’s unsecure internet rooter.(but seriously,  Bless you my unanimous friend!). It does take forever, but it also makes you appreciate whatever you can get your hands on at the end. But as it cost so much time and it’s getting freezing cold outside, it’s best to be sure to download something worthwhile.

Oh by the way… its not that albums of stand up comedy are better than music, as those recorded shows have a very low (almost as good as zero) replay vallues compared to a album of music. Which is considering the time in which there is a wealthy overload of artists and releases out there,  already a rare rarity on its own. Only a few will make it to the replay stage and all who have seated there are gathered to cater various moods and moments. Gg Allin’s rock n roll terrorist for all those times you want to ease the urge to take a big dump on society, or Nico’s Chelsea Girl for when you are in a sentimental mood or a Renaldo & the loaf’s the elbow is taboo for when you are feeling silly as you chop carrots in a random person’s kitchen in your unwashed undies. Vormir’s Untitled for when you are taking out the trash… To name a few.. 

Albums of stand up comics are as good as a one time only experience, unless perhaps when you are blessed with the short term memory of let’s say a fish. Or have the cherished comedic content of Norm MacDonald at your disposal, a comic whose storytelling jokes simply seem to never have an expiry date and can be heard over and over again.  If you don’t mind the excruciating pain from over-laughing your days away, its definitely something to look into. Death by laughter doesn’t seem such a bad way to go. Another reason to go for these standup comedic albums that are a one time only experience are perhaps if you are a student-comic, eager to listen to these jokers with care and delight over and over again. Making notes in a little book about tone of voice, timing, charisma and the explicit secret of making an entire audience making a sound at the same time. It’s quite a skill and a talent. For me a joke is just a joke, but the persona character that delivers the joke  is that key thing that clearly makes it funny.

It’s almost cliche to type that Norm MacDonald is the one stand up comic that cracks me up, light up all the boxes and simply is one of the very few that waltzes over my stealth face and makes it laughs out hysterically. It doesn’t matter how offensive, how lame or how long His jokes are – it’s all in good humor! His comedic approach, delivery and timing is perfect. You can clearly hear he has passion for and in it, his style of playing a men’s men (he is deeply closeted so don’t get any wrong ideas!) is charming and charismatic, his jokes are dark, homophobic, sexist or plain old fashioned – like an archie bunker-kind of adorable goofball of the old timer times, not afraid to mention the hollocast or to make a joke about searching for his canadian uncle in the ruins of 9-11. someone that you’d strangely  love to have as a eccentric  uncle and someone who for sure will screw some modern day social justice warriors in the wrong hole.

He can get away with it as it is clear to me that he has a heart, he is one of the few men who actually shows honest tears on television, how he sobs for example while thanking david letterman and saying him how much he loves him on his last show is mind-blowingly refreshing. Or when he went on a apology tour for the crime of defending a friend.  It is those moments that he breaks out of comedic routine and gets overwhelmed by emotion that makes him that special human with all its flaws, insecurities and love. If he offends you, you must take a good look at yourself as there might be a lack of healthy self spot and heart missing. Cause to me it’s clear that this Norm loves everyone, even though some a little more than others.

Clearly, his sense of humor isn’t for everyone, especially not Don Old Meyer who fired him from america’s Saturday Night Life because of him keeping making jokes about Don’s buddy O.J. Simpson allegedly killing his girlfriend. His official excuse of firing Norm was finding him not funny, which sounds a little hard coming from a fairly obese hollywood man that probably doesn’t see his own ding dong (because of the belly hanging over it) and clearly doesn’t  even know what funny is. Norm clearly is just a funny person, no doubt about it, at work and (from what I can tell) also just as a person. He loves sport and gambling but  when you hear him speak about stand up comedy, his heroes from when he was young, the skills, the knowledge about it is coming from one nice manic spot of obsession and passion. Yes those two ‘sions’ in a row clearly states that my conclusion of many months binge watching, hearing, looking and laughing at any Norm MacDonald material and interview that I could find… He truly, truly, truly loves stand up comedy and his love for it might have made him the best of all.

You don’t have to search much to know he is highly appreciated by other comics, yet he seems to be fairly unknown, obscure or just too out there to be the kind of legendary person (is international treasure the word?) that he actually is. His self sabotage of taking down his videos from YouTube with his filmed podcast in which he interviews guests and trolls them around a bit with his side kick Adam Egghead (I know that’s not his surname but it does sound funny), or his endless tweets documenting a entire sporting event, does not help to make him approachable for all, but somehow his fanatic fanbase shimmers like an expanding viral virus over the internet. He has that Andy Kaufman kinda-vibe over him. All I hope for Norm is that he gets money for the t-shirt merchandise that a person named ‘imnotnorm’ is selling around in his mixed up Norm compilations… Best is to buy his book if you want to be sure to read something funny and want to sponsor this man’s gambling habbit. Not that I have done it, after all… I’m the one stealing internet from a person at the local train station. Heck, if I had some money I would get that book though. I heard it’s good. I could always try to eat it or use the pages as toilet tissue… Doesn’t seem like a bad investment in the long run.

…so yeah, back to me and the attempts to download stand up comedy to bring back to my poor person’s place and listen to in the night before sleeping. As apparently I found out that a good healthy laugh for sure is a good way to nod off into dreamland happily. So yes, of course I had heard the two Norm MacDonald albums, one of comical music sketches like an old fashioned radio hear-play and one of him doing standup. Maybe I listened and downloaded a bit of others around but I got most interested and intrigued by nobody less than Brian Regan. Mind you, this is the stand up comic Brian Regan and not the jailed spy of the same name or the many other Brian Regan’s out there that aren’t  the one that I have been alarmingly trying to download with the speed of a snail for my good night rest dose of humor.

Why Brian Regan you might say? Oh let’s say ‘word of mouth’ as Norm had been name dropping Brian Regan in many interviews as his most favorite standup comic. His comedy is as clean as a bat, even Seinfeld could turn it down a notch compared to Brian’s material. After managing to get my hands and ears on Brian Regan’s ‘standing up’, ‘Brian Regan Live’ and ‘Live from radio city music hall’ I could clearly hear why Norm loves Brian Regan’s comedy. He hits all those boxes of timing, being a character, acting dumb so to make the audience feel identifiable and good about themselves, making them all make the same sounds at the appropriate times and tackling appropriate things suitable for the whole family. My conclusion so far of Norm MacDonald’s favorite standup is that he is not Norm, but Brian Regan sure is funny. I might have to go back to the station and try my best to download some more! Oh so many good night sleeps I have had lately!

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2 Responses to Norm MacDonald’s favorite stand-up comedian Brian Regan

  1. Superkrush says:

    Dude I love Norm Macdonald and don’t really care for Brian Regans comedy (however Brian’s dad Dennis is really funny). Brian Regan seems like a fun dude to hang out with but I don’t care for his standup.
    Anyway Brian has a show on Netflix where he does stand up and some Saturday night live type sketches. normally I wouldn’t touch it but one of the sketches was playing that I thought was funny.
    I started watching the show and had to fast forward through the stand up and on the second sketch Brian completely stole a bit from Norm Macdonald. It was blatantly obvious that Brian had stolen the bit from Norm MacDonald’s Netflix special that was posted a year earlier. Am I the only one that noticed this? are Brian and Norm friends? did Brian get norm’s permission? It was a total hack move!
    I was so upset I googled “Bryant Regan steals Norm Macdonald joke” and I found this article.
    Now I said my piece and feel a tiny bit better

  2. Navid says:

    I feel like Norm loves Brian Regan in the same way he loves Amy Schumer!

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