Two Fingers – Fight! Fight! Fight!

Artist: Two Fingers
Title: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Keywords: electronic, beats, dance

Two Fingers Fight Fight Fight? Oh well, I guess fighting has a different meaning in my world than the one that this album seems to imply, as over at the fat  music that this release contains I’m more dancing freely my ass off than kicking around in some triple fights. I can hear the fierceness of a fight though, but to me it’s more a big massive party with the biggest fatties of beats, bass and energy rolling out of the speakers.

Or in my personal case; out of my headphones, making me instantly feel as if I’m at a groundbreaking party that is hotter than hot and full of massive fire burning in the tender insides of each party goer. Oh yes, think of it as you wish but if this is fighting than let’s get ready torumble as this is so moving in all the right directions. Loud as it can get, a ear defying wickedness in groove that won’t sit nice and quietly in the back, but jumps up front ordering you to get off your lazy bum and react to the music. And why not? I bet you all can use some exciting exercise!

Is it angry? Oh yes! But it’s the good side of anger, the one that reminds me of dodgy underground drum n bass clubs from the past in which grim individuals heavily mashed on drugs became pretty puppy dogs that follow you back home. It swings, it hammers, it moves like an unstoppable movement that won’t leave you until you are entitled enough to feel whatever it is catering to you. To me it’s banging in a unstoppable party, dark but upbeat and positive while still showcasing bulging muscles for a grand display of power.

It’s hard to stand still and not to react, you will give a F when this music is on and if you play it at a gym, you might see all those idiotic sporting devices being picked up and tossed through the establishment’s window. They said you could use the machines, right? And picking them up and tossing them out is for sure a sign of  superhuman strength. The fitness place might not be too happy with the damage at first, but trust me, the news articles will provide plenty of good advertisement for them to make it profitable.

Oh yes, rough, raw, muscular like a rhino who went to a rave a few times to many. Yet, it bounces nicely, like it’s not at all in a hurry or worried to be able to pushed over… These tracks stand their ground and probably are nicely comparable to a bulgy cool visitor down the club with a big massive golden chain around it’s neck. You know instantly that this person is someone, something, somebody… You won’t want to fight it, but if a fight breaks lose you bet you want yourself to be on that individual’s side of the mashup.

So yes, what’s more to say about this fight! Fight! Fight! album over here? That it needs to be played loud and with care perhaps? I mean blasting this out in a shop full of fragile porcelain might simply end up in a broken mess with an expensive bill at the end.

But do blast it out somewhere as you got to feel this somehow in all its might and glory. It makes you feel a bit more stronger, a bit more bad ass if you will… And that’s cool, right? Maybe feed it to yourself when you need that extra bit of energy to lift up some bullies in the air? I wouldn’t call it a fight, but more a sign of force and respect. Yep, this music got a lot of empowering possibilities, although it might also just be nice to dance by yourself home alone quarantine style. It will make you forget shit, you know?!


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