Roger Eno and Brian Eno – Mixing Colours

Artist: Roger Eno and Brian Eno
Title: Mixing Colours
Keywords: ambient, easy listening, classical

Roger Eno and Brian Eno. Somehow we all have heard of Brian Eno, but Roger Eno? Might this be a brother, nephew, or perhaps a serious alter ego? I’m sure it’s super easy to find this crucial information out, yet as I’m without internet (dont ask me how I post this) I will refrain from any info digging and just take it as it is. Roger and Brian, it sounds on paper like an epic duo similar in fame as bert and ernie, yet the music that they cooked up together is much less of the comedic kind. It’s pretty.

In fact it’s more of the kind serious stuff, music that you can hear with your ears and be not at all shocked about that you are enjoying it so much that you won’t even have to grab once to the ‘skip’ or the more drastic ‘stop’ button. This is nice indeed, calm, melodic, slow but harmonic. Sometimes it hits the eery notes, which might make it a nice one to chill out with in the resting corners of the upcoming halloween? What are you gonna dress up like? A virus? Or a quarantined musician? Bert and Ernie? brian and Roger?

I know, it’s not funny and neither is the music. But it’s very nice and relaxing. As good as it is, it’s also heavily providing either the soundtrack for doing things that cost outmost concentration, it would probably also do well with some kind of religious revelation, or perhaps as a soundtrack while you are having some mental wellness case of inner exploration or (easier) some nice time-out time in which you can sink and possible pass out with. it’s the kind of material that is nice and gentle enough to be able to bring you to bed and caresses you into a sleep of true wellbeing. It’s so calm and lovely what  Roger and Brian had made.

A voice inside of me wants me to write down the expensive word  combination of it being ‘wonderfully translucent’. It has that gracious old fashioned style of classical music performed by someone who has its performing  fingers directly wired to it’s heart. I wonder whose heart and whose fingers it is… Brian or Roger? But in the end does it matter, after all they share their Eno surname like a seal of approval in quality and care? As whoever is responsible (maybe they had been playing both!) the result is all that counts with music and I have to say, even though I would have loved and probably praised it too if it had sucked…

But in fact; It is all rather lovely and sweet, like the kind of music you would play to a baby or a toddler to make sure it will have sweet dreams. And yes, even the eerie notes are not eerie enough to evoke nightmares, so it’s all good, safe and sensible if you’d ask me.  And as far as I can tell i’m not a baby or a toddler and this actually might be deep into the hundreds of  times that I have been coming back to this album, so there must be something really appealing to ut. There must be really something to this work that keeps me hooked and coming back for it again and again.

It’s a mystery as mysterious as the actual music. Cause that’s also something that makes me so intrigued… The mysteries of the music as brought to us by Brian and Roger Eno as there seems to be something about these compositions that even though they are all titled differently, somehow they are all wonderfully connected melodic-wise, somehow they are coming across as if they are born out of a concept in which the compositions are a familiar family of eachother, as if they are being played with by their inner DNA of melodies that comes from the same place, as if they all had been one of the same, yet coming out differently. A bit like Roger and Brian, they are probably different (unless they are twins?) But they must share similar genes, just as the compositions here all seem to be intertwined with each other. It gives that  great dehavu effect of ‘hey, didn’t I hear this melody before’, but considering that I have heard this album hundreds of times by now it’s also a possibility that it’s just me recognising certain points on the album over and over again…

In some way this all helps to lower the senses, as why be on edge when there is an album in which the tracks consists of good hearted nieces and nephews coming from a trusted good family? They all share the same roots, that high trustability and similar emotion and somehow when you love one of them, you will easily love them all. And yes, I think it will take a lot of effort to dislike any of it, you simply must be a real music hater or some soulless prick just out their fooling yourself as you troll around in order to compensate for your own lack of talent.

I mean, personally I had no intention to praise anything, I had no intention to fall in love with this album or either to hear it, it just happened to come across my path and kept me coming back to it while my media player is eroding the overly-played files away – but yet here I am… Still listening and even attempting to write my thoughts about it. I’m not an academic, a writer or some renowned reviewer that you can count on, but let me tell you… For me Roger Eno and Brian Eno certainly made something really emotionally appealing over here. I guess I wrap this ‘write-up’ up and find myself a comfy chair, pour in a nice cup of tea and play ‘mixing colours’ again as strangely I never seem to get enough of it. You might have to try it out sometime if you have a chance… Play it for your relaxing  self, the youngsters at their bedtime or at that halloween chill out zone. It will fits all those areas and probably won’t even be weird at a funeral aswell. In any case… Roger and Brian made something to love & for what it’s worth: I do love it very much.


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