Sarah Schonert – Just a Reasonable Facsimile

Artist: Sarah Schonert
Title: Just a Reasonable Facsimile
Keywords: melodies, pop, avant garde, classical, singer songwriter, piano, wonderful and honest

Quarantine time sounds horrific, but if you shine a light on the positive side effects of it, it has given many musicians some time to dive into their own music world and listeners a time to step into their works much more than usual. When I followed Sarah Schonert deeply  into her new album it felt like going in for a treat, as it’s somehow always inspirational and happy making to hear an artist unstopable love for music, the unending love for melodies, for inner exploration of talents that lay within and bring them out to the fullest potential. Not just that, but also to hear the brave experiments and fun along in the production process. It’s a pleasure to hold on and follow Sarah deeply into the colorful realm that she has created and now willingly bestowing on us for a nice escape from these enclosed walls.

Sarah Schonert lifts in that aspect these walls from my room with ease, replacing them with her personal melodic skills and vocal adventures. Letting her music being the freeing giver of freedom is like a welcoming gift from the music world. Things are wonderfully human over here and you feel as if she is just as bewildered in fascination as of what comes out of her hands, mouth, soul and speakers as me as a external listener listening in. Although at the same time she knows how all the melodies are blending together and is fully aware of seeing this special magic. And it is magic, no doubt about that.

Her assurance in vocal presence telling us that she will be fine is more believable than she might think… with so much talent and skill, Sarah Schonert would probably be one of the last persons in the world who I believed would be stressed out in lockdown mode. As long as she can make music, express,  sing and produce she will be always be the shining glow, gifting positive vibes to her surroundings and admirable music fans. It’s impossible to imagine an artist of this allure to be ever bored. Which from the perspective of a listener is similar, as I doubt I can ever get bored listening to this music of wonders.

The inspiration and fascination simply never seems to take a back seat or going on a strike, which is a blessing in this case as who doesn’t love to sit and slide on a rainbow of melodies and self expression and artist self exploration? I’m fairly hooked while listening to Sarah Schonert. I only worry that my words in this review are too sweet for her taste, but just like Sarah Schonert I’m just honestly expressing myself which can only be a good thing, right?

On the album there is no feeling of being rushed, even though the artist honestly claims she can be a little restless at times. I guess when she sets it to songs like this, it’s all good. In fact the music is giving some kind of mutual  mood of respect and understanding. With the unbeatable melodic delights Sarah Schonert rides her personal songs out like a wondrous rider that created not only her vehicle, the road to ride it over, but also the entire landscape around it.

At times i’m certainly taken aback, stunned by the sublime melodies that are so perfect coming out that they leave me in a simple state of awe and admiration. She sings that she is certainly not perfect, that she is a human being… But one whose passion can be felt deep within my emotion.

I can imagine that Sarah Schonert her music is not for everyone, as most people listen to music very far distant from the human behind it, declared braindead thanks to nonstop exposure of popular culture only cultivating soulless pop music out there… but really as I type this… I would say that I certainly wish it was for everyone, as I do think it is for everyone actually, even if they just don’t know it yet… I strongly believe that if the whole universe would listen to her work… as if they hear what I feel and hear, even if it’s just ten percent of it – big chance the world would be a much better and nicer place all together. At least it would be more real, honest and full of heartfelt melodies! You should definitely leave some room for the music of  Sarah Schonert into your life!

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