Kelly Lee Owens – L.I.N.E

Artist: Kelly Lee Owens
Title: L.I.N.E.
Keywords: electronic, dance, experimental, synthesizer

The world turned in circular motives as  the electronic sounds of true pleasantries fill the void like pillows to sink our heads in. Hear we see only the best colours, smell the nicest sounds and feel the synthetic melodies like the true hypnotizing hypnotist at the highest part of the game. With excellent rattling rhythmic accentuations everything seems to go hand in hand to bring us in some kind of happy vibrant state of extacy. Who doesn’t enjoy that?

It is here that a warm voice flows through, offering us a picture in which we can all let go, drifting away in a angelic presentation that feels futuristic and sweet without any of the cheese. Taking us into a embracing realm in which the sturdy failure of the system is going to be left behind forever as we slip and slide into a eternal bliss of happily dancing among the many rainbows in the great big sky. Here we go wild and mental, letting ourselves go for the greater good, letting the beat direct our feet and our arms wiggle like wacky extensions of our instant happiness.

The place is so much better over here, one that has the never ending deep pulse of music vibrant and jubilent, with sturdy kicks and bubbling bass that will make everything spin around in a sensation of pure emotion. Here we forget everything, except perhaps love. We forget that we look silly when dancing around in this state of bewildered colorfulness, giving all that we have to be forever grateful withing this sceneries of electronic wonders.

When we need some time to breathe, the musical world here is making way for this, as if it could read our mind and knows exactly what we need. With a serene freeing truthfulness the angels that rule this realm that care of you, encourage you to recharge and embrace your inner freedom. With those big slow beats and cultivating electric strings of mystery we politely follow this order and rise up as if we too had grown wings within the context of this very vibrant place.

Instant happiness seems to be our gift, spreading in and out there among all of the smiling listeners that had been smart enough to take the ride into this vibrant source of joy. Electronic music fills up each and every corner, with melodies that will encourage you to fly even higher, move even freer into a state in which you will forget that you normally would be glued to the forces of gravity. Now all is good as the rhythmic elements take care of everything and the vibrant melodies have nothing but the best of intentions.

It’s a wonderful dimension in which everything seems electrifying love in every sense of the word. It doesn’t matter where you had gone or where you had come from, as here everyone seems warmly welcomed, lovingly flying around like kind hearted spirits on a fascinating ride of loving grooves and sweet dreams. It’s here that we meet the corners of the sky, finding another angel named John Cale who blesses us with the fact of how beautiful rain is.

The music is stunning, the stream of consciousness drifting away feels like a great and long pleasant vacation full of interesting things to do, experience and have moving interactions with. In L.I.N.E. Kelly Lee Owens takes it to a pleasantly electrifying new level, grooving out when it’s time to rock, shimmer politely when it’s time to recharge and combine both when it’s time to go through the roof and beyond.
Who in their right mind would not jump in this straight away? Pure excellence of freeing tunes, electric love and blissful dancable bliss awaits!

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