The Bim Prongs / Furchick – EC Split 15

Artists: The Bim Prongs / Furchick
Title: EC Split 15
Label: electric Cottage
Keywords: experimental, noise, gamelan, organ, adventurous, psychedelic

With mother maria was watching over me with her watching eye, I crawled up like a curled ball under the blankets. As I stayed there in order to block the artificial lights and pretend for the outside world not to be there, something magical started to happen… I seemed to have plotted my escape well as before going into hiding mode I somehow managed to hit play on a very special release of music, the kind that would alter time and space and my very own environment. I now knew that I did not just go under the blankets, but I was equally going down in the cave of special music.

I vaguely remembered that I’ve put on the latest split released on the Electronic Cottage label, but soon enough got so emerged within it that it didn’t seem like music  for listening anymore, but a green light to a world of wonder. The sounds penetrated the cotton as if they didn’t had to work for it, easily landing in the ears like a drop of acid being absorbed through the bottom part of a tongue. Quickly everything became different in the situation as I  started to notice the beautiful walls that has been clearky painted with the finest of asian murals. I remember me clearly thinking that they must contain the answers to all the important questions in the universe… But as I stared at them full interest, trying to focus what they had been depicting , staring at them so intensively in order to see the significance within it al, l became aware of the dreamy gamelan sounds coming out at me from all the sides, they felt so playful and curious as if they had been happy to find a pair of willing ears and had been waiting for this moment to take them around within the structure of one’s own imagination.

‘Hello friendly friends’, I said to them as I bowed  happily to accept them as my new palls. They seemed to know this place well as wherever they brought me  the cave became bigger, higher and more impressive by the minute. I forgot to look at all the mini details on the walls as the gamelan sounds and their enthusiasm simply made so much magic that I immediately knew that it wasn’t about the tiny things, but that many small things could become one big thing, that working together was the key over here to create a impressive structure to feel safe and sound in. Sure the friends came in many sizes, some wise and low and others enthusiastically tapping my shoulder like children not poisoned by kmowledge.

As we moved deeper and deeper into this world, a humble feeling came over me. As if this was the playground of the mind, a holy cave that might have secretly housed a temple that knew how to align with the heart beat and took it away to the sound of something that had been between the humbling calming sounds of a group of entranced monks and a giant putting cat, both happily satisfied within their own way and form. Somehow me and the friends found this not at all uncomfortable, as strangely it felt as if those hums and purrs had become a part of all of us. In fact the whole cave, the gamelan sparkles and beautifully impressive depictions had been all part of me too. This wasn’t your average trip, this was over of those life changing revealing moments.

As soon as I became aware of this, I saw the spirit of my human friend Furchick, coming to me like a vision with full sound and color. She hovered in the distance like the anti shadow of a passionate campfire, angry sounding like a warning to all the wrong people who might have entered this part of the  zone accidentally. The gamelan cuties went back to their area as fires and smoke rose up from everywhere and my nose got filled with the most peculiar fragrances and the surroundings got occupied with an entranced zone of a spirit full flames. Like the birth of paradise an enormous ritual seem to be taken place, creatures of passion danced around in all corners, drum rolls encouraged giant bumble bees who spread out traces of yummy nectar wherever they flew. Strange surreal scenes that felt exciting and grandly holy at the same time.

There was no hair on my head that would want to disturb any of it, as it was clearly a magic spell being bound which had been coming from something so deep within that just making the slightest sound ourself might have turned things into a soup. I was so fascinated and honored to be able to witness it all, so much so that I had simply forgotten about the outside world, even the confining structural outlines of the cave had been no more than a illustrious fantasy. The sparkles of light, held up like mini stars in a dark perfect night and it was all spectacular. All I could think of was that whatever had been called out into this world, whatever it was that had been born with so much intense passion it must have been a soul that the entire worlds future would be dependent on.

Somehow the exuberant togetherness of the biggest underground feast of a magical order had gone as quickly as it appeared. Leaving my head alone in the cave world again, leading me somehow to a small back place where the new one had been laying in its own crib. Somehow I certainly felt obliged to take a look, safe enough to know that whatever would be there, it would be an honour to meet it. As I peeked into the crib, female wolves howled their beautiful growls to awaken it’s presence. Warm eyes of heaven stared at me wisely, sending out a warm flow of mutual understanding.

All fears and troubles became irrelevant, as the purest purrs of the new born wisdom clearly filled up my entire being with a new found calmness, a new kind of natural glory of new gained power… A feeling so strong and overwhelmingly welcome that at that very moment I knew that when I would go out of this cave my life would serve a purpose of good, I have met the spirit of nature’s life and would do anything in the world to serve and protect it as it would clearly do the same thing for me if it was the other way around… In fact, we felt interchangeable. I too was reborn again.

Now with this new kind of power , wisdom and knowledge I felt strong enough to continue this important journey of music. I stepped through the cave to see the entire thing change into a more human-built zone. One in which a barn yard of old memories had became to life, one in which wooden horses of childhood had become living beings, making their crackling wooden sounds to stretch out their stiff muscles from being tucked into the same position for many years. Things had been moaning here, previously stuffed toy gooses with sore throats kept trying to welcome me with their impressive large but slightly frightening muscular necks.

The low tones that this place seemed to have been build upon felt like an inmidiate testing ground. There are lurking signs out there, melodic but strange in their looping ways that they came over like a weird dream in which reality slowly began slipping away into some kind of backwards spiral.
The floor became a moving spiral, the creatures in the barn started to move around me as they held their weird glans on top of me. I stayed put, didn’t let me get intimidated, after all that inside knowledge and empowering feeling of the previous journey through the cave I shouldn’t have the slightest worry or show any sign of fear.

The creatures laid their heads to rest and with a strong focus of mind, the circulation became to an end. From out of the air came a suspended organ. Lowering down, hovering above my head sat down a shackled organ player, playing the warm but slightly frustrated tones of music. ‘if only I could free this person’ was the thought that I was thinking as the repetive sound of organ music became layered to an endless end that morphed into some kind of eerie brightness. As if a flash light had came on top of it all, spreading a blind making  ray down into my eyes. When it disappeared , only the lower laying grumpy tones of artificial warmth could still be heard and felt. I decided to take action and attempted to jump up, higher and higher, holding on to the bottom part of the suspended stage that the troubled organ player had been shackled to play it’s devotional tones as if life had been depended on it.

Finally I reached it, pulled myself up and somehow found some heavy weight steel tools to cut the musician free. It took a long time of cutting, but as I did it weird little alien kittens jumped around the ankles, somehow making sure that I kept focussed in getting the job done. When the person was free the organ and it’s previously captive player disappeared, leaving the surreal kittens around my own legs as a strange memory that kept giving heads as unnaturally dramatic piano tones could be heard from all sides.

In normal circumstances I probably would have been terrified, knowing that this was not the sound of happiness but of more tormented musicians being trapped in this weird location… But slowly and yet very surely my thoughts started to flow back to the other reality again… They whispered that a boiling tea kettle was screaming for me to turn the knob of the gass off, that I had to go out of this place, through the cave, out of the blankets and back into my room where mother maria still had been looking at me with her watching eye. What a trip and what a test of psyche!

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