Dueling Ants – Moving Elements in Nature

Artist: Dueling Ants
Title: Moving Elements in Nature
Keywords: electroacoustic, experimental, easy listening, sweet

I had no clue that the sound of dueling ants would be so gentle, cute and sweet. Imagine if you are the size of an ant, you would think at least that your magnificent strength to pick up things much larger than yourself should be enough reason to come across a bit more tougher than what i’m getting from discovering while checking out movements in nature from a human perspective. From here their duels sound nice, sugary and loving. Anything but violent, strong or anything that even slowly seems to be resembling a micro glamorous fight.

From a human view they are coming across as a funny bunch, always good spirited and full of action as they work together in a chopped up world of enthralling nature. They certainly don’t make me think at all of tiny ants wearing miniature gloves as they hold tiny swords fights against each other. No, from us biggy kind of visualization it’s more as if they are the sweet harmless creations that live within a harmonic symphony of prettiness. It is as if the duels of ants are simply nothing compared to the ones that we humans associated with such happenings.

They simply seem to deal nicely within their surroundings, loving and cute beyond anything else. Don’t expect no battered bodies, no blue or black eyes from violence or the soundtrack of adrenaline rushing as if we had been at a boxing match gambling on the loser who is out to go down. Dueling Ants simply seem to be godly different than any of that at all, as if a duel has a different meaning in their world, as if face slapping does not even cross their minds and their biggest duel is coming together in work and solidarity, surviving the landscape that had been going through the seasonal changes in the world of nature.

Now in the time that birds organise themselves in groups to fly towards warm countries and leaves are falling down the trees to become a wealth of obstacles in an ants colonial life, it feels more as if duel is more ment as a deal. As this tiny ants seem to be dealing with it all rather miraculously, working together, carrying things in order to survive the upcoming winter, singing humble and kind songs as they do their job and live their life through their ever changing landscape. They are kind of adorable to witness, but of course way too little to be gently squeezed in their cheeks (or we are way too big?) But I can’t seem to be hearing anything hostile or not in harmonic symphony over here, it is as if these ants are actually not at all busy with egos, but are just there to do their soothing thing, making us listening humans feel very comfortable, but also somehow look at ourselves…

Why could we humans not be a little bit more as these dueling ants? They do sound so happy, without complications, never bumped out, always cheerful and upbeat as birds wave them goodbye from up the great sky. Somehow Dueling Ants seem to be such more of an example for all of us, lovingly taking care of eachother and their environment, always cheerful and filled with a feel goodness that certainly would be nice if humans would have had these kind of attributes too. All I can hope is that if people like you and me peek with our ears into the world of dueling ants, that somehow their friendly attitudes and positive vibrations of prettiness in nature would somehow stick to our own characters, multiplying through us to others, infecting one person after another until we are all just as happy and blessed in good spirits as these dueling ants are. They for sure sound like they are doing a much better job in making their life on earth a joyful thing.

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