Elise Gabrielle – Bésame Mucho

Artist: Elise Gabrielle
Title: Bésame Mucho
Keywords: easy listening, singer songwriter, music

Twitter is a strange place. People follow you, so you follow them back and than when you do, they usually will unfollow you again. It’s seemingly some kind of  weird game about gaining the looks of popularity. I don’t really like to play this game, but some times I do like to check out who the new followers are, and figuring out wether or not to click the ‘follow back’ option, betting on if they seem plausable interesting (music) people and not some big wonky spam factory who just needs us to enlarge their growth. So on one of those ‘check the who is following yikis on the shitter and who shall I click to follow back’ days, I checked the list and came across this twitter account that is seemingly of a musician named Elise Gabrielle. It was saying that ‘Bésame Mucho’ had been available on all platforms. My inner comic thought, so is it out on twitter & if so, where can I hear it? But my anti-comic me was less witty and above all rightiously intrigued.

Trust me there are many names out there in that twitter list, but somehow Elise Gabrielle stood out to me. I don’t know why exactly, but for some reason unknown to me I had this unstopable urge to know what kind of music this artist makes. I mean after all she follows yikis, so she must have a good taste, making me feel extra curious about Elise Gabrielle and what she does and make. In fact without doing any research or going on a hunting spree to hear her actual music, I had a couple of hours worth of entertainment just fantasizing what kind of music someone named Elise Gabrielle would make. The options had been endless and fantastical.

Trust me, my mind went all over the place, it came up with all kinds of ideas, many consisting of  enormous fantasies and stuff to make the imagination simply go wild and beyond…  Whatever it was what Elise Gabrielle makes, every inch of me knew it would not be your average cup of tea. It would be at least a pot of flowers and honey of the finest kind… dead bees would instantly come alive just by hearing a mini dose of it!

After all my marbles had a excessive field day, there was nothing else to do than actually finding Elise Gabrielle her music and hope it was as good as my head might have believed it was. The tension was high, the pressure was up… And than I found a platform that wasn’t twitter and suddenly the single Bésame Mucho came up and it played & played and than it played again… And all the tension went away, the pressure left like a hot boiling tea kettle softly losing steam after the gas had turned off.

There was just bliss, as Elisa Gabriele took it all away with her lush voice coming from between her upper and lower lips on a stream of music that you would love to encounter at a lounge bar, wishing every customer sipping it’s glass of wine to shut their mouths so I could solely focus on the song and the music in all its alluring properties. Oh, I could just feel the warmth, the safety soothing environment in which this song would fit so well. The piano, the guitar, the easy going rhytmic section and above all this artist her voice… Warm, exotic and totally confident.

Sure, nothing of my wildest fantasies had been right about anything. So I would keep all these genius thoughts to myself forever and ever… Probably going with me into the grave… But Elise Gabriele’s Bésame Mucho was as disarming as it could possible be. Really letting the stress fly instantly out of the window and all the complot theories of what a Elise Gabriele would sound like, or would do music-wise had become immediately irrelevant. She was just there, singing in perfect condition on the kind of music that immediately took me to a time in which nobody even had heard of covid-19, lounging at a round table in a cozy establishment as she and her music palls set the mood of a delightful easy-going time. Every body was happy there, relaxed and feeling sophisticated as we stare in awe to the spot where Elise Gabrielle performed her single.

I do not know any of her actual language & I don’t know music theory enough to comment on the actual music, but I do know that my ears & perhaps even my own aura, really enjoyed what they heard. A no nonsense, no freak scene of weirdness, but a pleasant warm song that made me feel warm inside, imagining my own kiver with a fine wine swimming within it, while seating in a beautiful room of music lid by romantic candle lights and Elise Gabrielle being the shining middle point of it all. I thought it was wonderful, the fact that this single song could transport a person to a better worry-less time in which it is lush in warmth thanks to someone like Elise Gabrielle standing her ground in total ease of perfection simply made my day a bit better. In fact hearing her song made me seriously hope that the artist won’t unfollow yikis on twitter… By the way, Bésame Mucho is out there on most of the digital shops and does sound  really nice and pleasant! Why not give it a go? What you got to lose? Some twitter followers? Go and check it out if you can, it’s only 4 minutes of goodness, for goodness sake! 

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