Helena Hauff – Qualm

Artist: Helena Hauff
Title: Qualm
Keywords: dance, techno, electronic, acid, synth, beats

Yep and hello, I don’t know about you. but I have been going down on the music of Helena Hauff like nothing else in this world. Let’s say that I have been testing it out in a way that it already surpassed the test fade but I just couldn’t get enough of it… This is the kind of dance music that feeds energy, one that comes with the right side of  quirky distortion to wake people up whatever the time of the day it is. You know what I mean?

It got that energetically awakening effect of someone kicking you in the head like a happy ninja, doing acrobatic happy slapping tricks as it celebrates the perfect hit. Laced with the turn on of vibe of it being made on the spot, down without any bonus nonsense, freaking out with whatever it got in its own parameters and having it all perfectly under control. It hits and kicks and spaces you out like a irresistible groove much healthier than any possible caffeine intake.

Seeing stars and sparkles will quickly make way for your own moves, and trust me they are more flexible than you had done ever before. Listening will turn everyone in a bulging ball of strength, doing back flips and high kicks as if we had been solid  fanatics at the sportschool. But even if tuned in while doing other things this album shower it’s usefulness. When Helena Hauff’s tunes came by on my ears when I was cycling I immediately started to move my bike quicker than possible, making me now think that those people cycling the tour du france might need this music in their ears in order to guarantee a win… Or would that be considered doping?

Doing other activities with Helena Hauff’s music blasting had been tested out aswell and all had came down with great positive results. Cleaning the house was done in seconds, doing an administrative job was done with a smile upon the face and without any of the usual hesitation. Cooking became an excellent combo of making food and working the muscles out. Taking out the garbage was done as if it was some kind of heroic act to show off to the outside world how strong you had become, juggling the binbags above the head like a juggling proffesional wrestler with a ten for theatrics.

Sure, not everything had been made to beat ass and blow bubblegum, but for the most part it certainly felt like it. Even the parts without the multiple kicks kept that energetically flow coming. Some acid bubbles had been sparkling too, creating a futuristic sparkling of retro synthesizer galore that made it instantly in the list of personal favorites. Music so rich in straightforwardness that I would not be surprised if it was a club hit here on earth as it would be out there rocking  alien space colonies like nothing else in this order.

It’s mean, nasty, melodic and yet highly positive in energy to lift anyone out of their sloth-state and become a grooving living being again. Hell, I wonder now how actual sloths will react to Helena Hauff’s music… They might jump around like little kangaroos with severely long finger nails! But yes, I guess me not having tested this album out on various animals will give me a great excuse to hold on to it, ‘test it out’ frequently as whatever it is exactly, I for sure can’t really seem to get enough of it. Helena Hauff’s certainly must have done something extremely right over here and there is no reason not to go and dive down deep to the bottom of it!


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