Whettman Chelmets – Theme∞Variations with qualchan

Artist: Whettman Chelmets
Title: Theme∞Variations with qualchan
Keywords: experimental

Home can be anything. I don’t remember which comedian said that home is basically just your stuff with some walls around it, but I guess if you are a turtle your stuff is actually just you. Another cheesy line that you frequently might have come across is  ‘home is where the heart is’ this one might actually make more sense in the turtle sense of the word, as we humans have the tendency to be outside the home alot. Walking around, working our asses off at a job or being in someone else their home for a visit if the pandemic had been so good at destroying social life. In any of those cases I believe we don’t leave our hearts at home as otherwise we might not have even stepped very far out of the home without dying and all that.

In any case, home is a theme that is spoken and  visited by many and with joy in my (oh yes!) heart, I was utterly pleased to find out het Whettman Chelmets has made a conceptual release about it. This way I could mumble on about homes and listen to some amazing music along the way. Oh and you on this term can check out this music and read my gibbering at the same time too: I don’t even care if you are at home while doing any of these activities. But I do hope you have a home though, as being homeless isn’t very fun especially not in these times.  Not that it’s ever fun to be homeless, but you know there are various degrees in things being not okay. But let’s assume that you are having the luxury of a home as it will keep this write up light and bright, which might be one of th actual things that you need right now. After all we need some kind of homebase to be able to deal with the kind of  homes that Whettman Chelmets had been capturing here on this homely release of music.

The artist, with this release, proofs that even a stable steady home can be multiple moods and variations. It’s not just the home, the style that it is filled up with or how many ikea rubbish had been tucked away in it, but various outside effects (mostly coming from the home inhabitants) can have a great effect on the environmental feel and vibe of the home. I mean, you might not think so easily about it but if you hear Whettman Chelmets release, you will certainly agree with this statement. But let’s just start with the beginning as we aren’t japanese enough to go down from back to front over here.

‘Theme Infinity Variations’ is the album called, one that is nicely divided in 6 variations and all covering home themes. The first track sets the mood and the theme together. The setting is set, all is okay, no trouble in sight, everything is about right, no messy kitchen, no stuff on the floor, no unneeded luggage blocking up the hallway. The sound of a blank canvas if you may wish to call it that. A home that feels safe but also unloaded.

What follows is the theme of a bouncy home, which is really the kind of home that most people probably enjoy to be in. You know the easy going vibe of feeling safe and unwatched, simply having drunk a beer from the homely fridge in a relaxed time, playing some music that you like as you dance fulfilled slowly and butt naked in your small place that is truly your home. A nice place, in which nobody would laugh at your deflated buttocks and your laughable posture while wobbling around on your favorite homely music that only you and you alone is happy with.

Than we have the more devious case of home, one in which anxiety seems to rule between the walls and floor and ceiling. You want to go out but the home is closing into you. Still upbeat as you try to slice yourself with the doorknob that won’t budge your way to the outside world. This is the home in which you feel like it’s going to eat you eventually, yet it feels still like your best friend at the same time. A cell with your favorite rubbish in there that you somehow started to feel a little bit edgy about… The feeling of being ordered to stay home so a outside virus can be knocked down somehow…

Than there is the actual home that indeed starts to swallow you as a whole. The entire closure of the home starts to slowly devour you as if you had been a bug who accidentally landed in the mouth of a flesh eating plant. You can hear the loneliness and the slight fright as the homeliness has turned against you, sucking your mind away into a state of lifeless anxiousness. There is no escape, your sanity must be protected at all times and yet the home itself is nibbling away at it as if it’s candy…

Home is a fugue state is also nicely captured by Whettman Chelmets, one theme that feels safe while slightly balancing on the windmills of the mind that with any wrong possible step or vibe, things could easily go upside down and down the drain. Tones of pleasant allure come in combination of the reading tension of something lurking in the darkness, a vibe that could swiftly turn the home into a hell hole when you least expected it.

And than… The worst nightmare home scenario is confirmed: home is a virus. Here the cocktails of panic kicks in and are taking over. Somehow your home is the affected place that nobody wants or should step a foot in. Your anxiety might have gone through the roof and yet you yourself arent going to escape any of it. The crushing feeling of it being over taken by fear itself, as if you can’t trust your own sink, bed or lick the inside of your own window anymore. It’s a drastic home, one in which grease drips down the ceiling and devastated vibes makes you feel uncomfortable and at unease to be in your own place, not sure if you have any chance for survival from your own mind not coming to terms that your own home is not outrightly killing you from within…

But luckily, Whettman Chelmets confirmed what we might have knew all along: that home is a wave… The vibes of various variations that come and go in the home to make it feel so different each time are like the waves at the beach. They arrive and they retreat, they will visit and than leave again in a situation that is seemingly endless. If you just turn your mind to this knowledge you can somehow deal with it all, making you appreciate your home more as if it’s a rollercoaster, one that will come to a halt in order to find some moment of peace and safety in and at others; a whirlwind of action that will eventually come to an end in which you can bug out the adrenaline rush for a bit, until the whole ride starts to work again over and over again. At this point in time I wonder if the home of a turkey have all these themes and variations aswell, but my mind like to think this might be a thing that only happens to human homes… In any case, Whettman Chelmets nailed every minute of this ride and I doubt that anyone experiencing ‘home’ in times of a pandemic cannot relate to anything that this album is offering!

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