Datewithdeath – Slow Talker

Artist: datewithdeath
Title: Slow Talker
Keywords: experimental, beats, noise, rhythm, electronic
Label: Poverty Electronics

I have been going on dates and non of them had gone successful. But going on a date with death might be one that will work out well. I just feel it in the core of my life. After all opposites attract, right? Although, opposites…? Datewithdeath comes across as the kind of success date that I have lots in common with, one of the few that can sit down and freak out by knocking its knuckles on the table, flapping it’s feet underneath it on the floor and easily entertains with this in rhytmic fashion without ever having to say a single word. The single candle lighting up it’s impressive bull-like body is just an added bonus in this romantic scenery.

This table mate grooves and moves and somehow I found it very enjoyable to join in, somehow I start to happily click and clack my bones, crack my neck in time and swing my head like a contestant who is extreme interested in the mysterious music maker that is doing its thing right in front of me. I stare at death, as it’s thrilling it’s whiskers, wobbles it’s nostrils like the rhythmic section that could go straight in an episode of the X-Files. Earlobes are wobbling, a golden teeth is clicking, the knees are kicking and I in return respond by butt slapping my own behind and dance around in joyful circles! I peck my feathers and hop around to this style of death grooving out it’s guts!

I guess this date is going so well, we will dance and make music all day and night long if it was up to me… It isn’t up to me but do far so good ad the datewithdeath continues, expanding  it’s feathers of impressionistic kind, like a peacock at its best beating and shaking a stimulating hormone attracting dance track that is totally appealing in its contagious mercilessness. I stare at death and make the most fantastic body moves, some of them are making me feel so up that it’s like gravity has nothing on me anymore, as I danced like a deity upside down on the ceiling.

Will death like me? I don’t know… as also this is not up to me to decide, but I for sure enjoy this datewithdeath…  Finally a person who might be slow at talking, but I like where the conversation is going…. in fact he might not have said a single word all this time… But death knows that the language of music and rhythm is the one that says to me so much more than casual chit chat about the weather and what we are wearing or eating.

I totally get death and somehow I think death gets me too, or at least it is doing a great job at giving this expression. At the end I peck up the food from the plate and blow out the candle with the air from my beak… Everything is dark now and I hope death will stay with me here forevermore, living a happy life … Or at least leaving me hanging at the highlight in my dating adventures. Such a grooving and no nonsense individual, just perfect!!

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