Derek Piotr – Avia

Artist: Derek Piotr
Title: Avia
Keywords: experimental, ambient, easy listening, electronic, acoustic electric

Derek Piotr, a name to remember and attached to it an album of music to certainly not forget either. It begins with Girlhood. A title that makes my toes curl up abit, although I can’t seem to clearly find a reason why. Music wise my toes could easily unfold and relax as my ears could clearly tell them that everything is okay over here. Little bubble wrap electronics, a elderly lady picking up memories and claiming to be a big kid, a calm almost classical sense of music that flows out of it, clearly the material made by a sensible and yet emotional being.

This feeling goes in a similar route with Derek Piotr doing some kind of tribute to the sun. Things proceed further in warm sounds with here and there a nice joyful frolicking sidestep that just seems to be underline how happy we all become when we get that bit of sunshine on our skin, scooping it up in order to get that precious bit of vitamin D. Not everything good has to come in pill form. And from here we drift away in oblivion, as if the process of taking in the sun had been there to get noticed, giving away for the rest of the album to calmly nibble away in the background.

Now you might think… Oh, oh… That doesn’t sound good. As no album likes to be a background. But for some reason this background isn’t at all unflattering and neither does it become some kind of  unnoticeable wallpaper of any kind, it’s just that it’s becoming so very kind and gentle, the kind of material that doesn’t want to stand in harm’s way, but also doesn’t want to be the distractinh point of attention to eventually become a potential harm hazard too. Besides, background  perfectionism is not at all unimportant, it helps a great deal keeping people companionship without the whole load of ‘hey look at me’ attention seeking skills, some more in your face kind of material seems to be shouting about.

But here with the music of Derek Piotr I feel no hesitation to play it for hours on loop. I mean, whenever it has reached the end of the release I simply won’t have to spend ages of time seeking a follow-up album to continue this moment of zen to read a book in peace in, or paint some dubious stuff on a piece of paper… With this album it’s just, yeah, go and give it another spin and another just enough until the painting is finished or the book had been read from front to finish. Which really is some kind of great thing, making this album one of those that settle down with you, as if it gives a nice safe mood of homeliness. A thing that gets underlined by the voices that here and there pop out in these tracks.

The distinctive voice of an elderly lady is most soothing as she notices traffic outside and a young man politely jokes about not getting used to it… There is something within these works that feels like family bonding between generations, as if it’s some kind of a friendly bow to a lovely grandmum / grandson relation. Maybe I got that all wrong, but don’t be too hard on me as I was just too busy reading and painting at the same time. Holding the book with one hand and the brush between my toes… If you might have wondered… all the while the music of this album had just kept coming over and over again at me, without me even having the urge to get a napkin to wipe it any of its musical residue off.

With music like this you simply feel that letting it all come out at you, can simply never be enough. And even if you had chosen this album as the backdrop for the rest of your further life, I certainly won’t feel really sorry for you as that doenst sound like a idea of torture to my ears. It helps to relax, to concentrate, to add a little niceness of melancholic kindness to the other wise empty atmosphere. If I would go to hell and the eternal flames had been replaced by listening forever to this album I certainly would have no problem at that at all. Hell, bring it on! If I could bring a book and some paint and paper it would for sure feel like heaven to me. 

So yes, I would remember Derek Piotr and this music collectively gathered under the name ‘Avia’ as I’m sure to let it come back out to play when there is more silence to be filled, or maybe when there is a hole in my heart, as somehow I figure that it can nestle in there too in order to get some of my humanity back. In all cases, I think it’s okay to keep this one under ‘speed dial’ as you never know when you need a continuous form of music that you can repeatedly hear with the safe sane certainty that it won’t drive you mentally nuts after many, many, many hours listening to it… Heck, by the time you had enough of it, you have turned yourself from a young granddaughter into an elderly woman, or from a young man into a mumbling granddad… It’s that kind of album that does funny things with time… Oh look at my wrinkled hands! I might post this quickly before it’s time to move to the after party in the afterlife!

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