Fantôme – It All Makes Sense

Artist: Fantôme
Title: It All Makes Sense
Keywords: more than music! Empowering, magic, love, kick ass, wow! Bloody fantastic!

In case you had wondered why the slow updates on your (undoubtedly!) favorite insane ‘music’ blog had been going on for so long, I can only point at life being a bit in shambles and this fine mega album over here by Fantome. It’s just like me being one of those great dictators, always pointing out at someone to blame other than your own, right? But in this case, I have to say that this release has been so tremendously good that without lie or overreaction had taken over most of my time in which I listen usually to things. Sure I tried to sneak in other things, I even managed to make some crap in between (toilet breaks are mandatory!), but hearing other music – let alone writing about it – had been extremely difficult.

Future heroes have the courage to let go… So to keep the blog afloat I had to kick the habbit of only listening to this album. I did well for a while, but found out that even after being able to hear other things for a while, the music of Fantome nibbled back in and other music just felt… Less captivating. There is just something to this album that feels more important than anything else around. Don’t want to offend any of the music send to us, or any of the previously written about master pieces, but hey… Got to speak your mind sometime! Why keep your head shut till the end of time if you are sitting on a album so good you would walk over fire for it? It’s one that needs to be shared and discussed and written books about. And so be prepared for a lengthy mumbling sensation of an Uber fan and merciless addict to ‘it all makes sense’ by Fantome…

The times I played this Fantome album is not countable on both my hands or toe nails of both feet… In fact by the time of writing this I have simply lost count, although saying that I have heard it infinite times would be a bit much… We got to be realistic! But also optimistic so… maybe one day I’ll make it!  It’s just so real, it speaks so much to me, like a personified conscious that sits on the shoulder and does and says all the right things … It’s like listening to a soulmate that somehow managed to put everything out in the best expressive music possible! Also it feels like this album is giving out advice, not like tiny bugs of advices but big ones. Like life saving advices, how to pick up yourself, how to deal with things or how to regain some faith back into your very own hands. That’s the kind of advices that are there, real or imagined (you never know!) But I believe that in this case they are indeed truly there!

Yep, While trying to make sense and somehow figuring out life where it all had stranded, I somehow managed to find the best soundtrack to cope and absolutely deal with it all. I believe that nothing can be a coincidence and so I’ve been absolutely absorbing this album by Fantome from beginning to end over and over again, as everything (just as the title implied) spoke and keeps on speaking to me in the most sensible sense of the word. My ears wide open like the gaping mouth of a hungry crocodile – this one was the one to munch like a never ending meal of inspiration. It is just as seeking for its inner truth as I seem to be, hoping to fill up the emptiness inside with some kind of reason to it all…

With my wild hairs in the wind, my precious possession in the shape of a pair of headphones on both my gigantically wide open standing ears and a head  in a state that truly seemed to  resemble a blank canvas ready to be painted and colored in… This music, the songs, the words are the tremendous conscious paints for the mind that Fantome is offering. Wow. What a ride it had been and still is giving me. I certainly wish you could feel and experience the same, as it truly is engaging and mind-blowingly real. Nothing can shoot my opinion down or blow any of it away…  My advice to you is to play this album on a repetive way so it could speak to you more than a vague fan with a blog is ever going to offer anyone. I mean, common even my juggling with mumbling words will make totally sense. It’s just that kind of album that to me is one that is one to be felt and not really to be spoken about.

I usually tend in to smuggle in some attempts of comedy in these musical writings, but I’m so seriously engaged and touched by this album that I’m not sure if I need to dip my hand in a bag of lame jokes to spice things up. I just love this all so fiercely. As fair enough, this album by itself is already as spicy as it could be, but don’t think that in the wrong way… I mean spiciness can go all kind of ways, but in this case I think it’s the kind of spice that is specific  and not one you would need around if you won’t know what to do with it in the kitchen. You will feel the messages within it, if you are cut and made out of the same wood… I mean if you have a old soul and are aware of things… It doesn’t mean anything what the people say… You’ll be among good friends! And the friends in this case is the the music by Fantome. Gosh I really come across like a headless chicken but so be it. I love this album so much that you just have to  take it for granted that I can’t write about it in any ‘normal’ way.

I’m sure you could play it as you move along your normal activities among the day & I will certainly not blame you at all if that is your way of listening to things. But the better and the more you truly take the time to hear and potentially feel what Fantome is offering over here,  the more you might know that this isn’t just your average bit of musical musings  that you hear everyday through your radio, social media channels or by your beloved friend recommendations. No, haha… This, ladies and gentlemen is music of another level, hitting you unexpected when you need it the most. If it was a hammer your whole being would be the nail. It has the power to turn you back on the right track again, to fuel up your self-esteem and make the sky the limit again. You are not alone anymore as Fantome will be with you forevermore in your heart supporting it in all the right empowering ways.

It’s about hearts being full of love, being a good person trapped in a world full of shit heads. How do we cope? We stick together and grow and hear these songs! It’s like super powers that you can pour into your ears and fill your soul with it. It got those heavy sing a long tear jerkers ‘its always the same!’ and those songs that get you up your toes filled with strength again! You will regain yourself, fuel up your senses, brush off your wounds and rise up like a confident individual again. Or that is at least what this album seems to be doing with me. Before listening I was a pale shadow and now I’m a turbulent writer in search for impossible words to explain anyone what this album did, does and could possible do to you! It might have made me insane but at least now nobody is taking this away from me! I’ll fight to be who I am today after I’ve gained weight thanks to the many plays of this special album. Nobody could tell me what I can’t or cannot do!

Personally I’ve heard first the single ‘love’ which is probably one of the most catchiest and positively happiest tunes out there that goes in and never will leave your memory department alone… It’s there now stored among all the Fantome earworms, always available even if the music itself isn’t around! Perfect for all who like to go off grid once in a while!  But I also came across ‘scream’ and it’s many remixes + the also unforgettable ‘to stay with me’ and french killer ‘je suis e tois’… Which are all quality bangers available on this sensible release, but hearing them on a standalone basis does not reveal the deeper depth that the complex company of the entire album is build out upon. It’s like a front, the whole thing is … So damn real! It creates a world within, full of encouragement, understanding and (this might be strange) friendship. As somehow the songs are like a friend that is actually there wanting the best for you! And while you go and follow your dreams and make it a reality, Fantome will be there within you enjoying you enjoying yourself!

And wow let me tell you, I’m feeling so fortunate enough to sink and sink in it some more each and every day, as it’s remarkable and super touching! In a way that ‘reviewing’ or just writing about it really never seem to be able to give it the justice that it deserves… So my excuse for this strange attempt of writing,  should all be made up by you actually hearing the record… It is truly that good! Godly or should I say (in this case) goddesly good even! It honestly makes it very hard to write about it as nothing can beat or even slightly come close to what this album does to you if it connects and resonates… It’s like magic! It’s like being cured from blindness! Nothing else matters!

This grandness certainly makes it hard for me to write, as personally how can I ever write what these songs, what this music, the lyrics and how it all sounds truly and sincerely all mean to me? It would simply be impossible to achieve! I think it would be easier to climb the highest mountain than writing a proper review of what this music does to me as a listener. So the ladder feels so high that it is almost as good as undoable, yet I really feel the urge to share this treasure as I really feel it’s been like the most powerful holy grail, totally overlooked and if that is the case, I would feel really bad for music-loving-people-out-for-that-extra-layer-of-realness-and-soul out there as damnit there ain’t much realler out there than the content of this album! I tell ya! It bangs, it stabs you in the heart and fills it up with regained faith in you, yourself!

And no, no, no… They don’t pay me.. I’m not sponsored by Fantome in any way, in fact I (and all at yeah I know it sucks) despise money like it’s the freaking devil! A reason why my life had been a bit troublesome as the system adores money…  So please believe me that this is absolutely from the heart when I tell you to take this album seriously. If you can please do not just toss about and dance around, but hear and absorb the greater depth that this release has to offer. Do it in the name of freedom! Of self gain and growth! Of a inner revolution and confirmation!  I’m simply blown away by it o er and over again, so much so that it cracked me into a tearing bit of a human, cracking my head to make it cry and yet enforcing it’s powers to make me stronger again, ready to flip as many middle fingers as I’d like and truly appreciate freedom again. In fact flipping so many fingers made me realize that it might be a good idea to sharpen the nails again. With Fantome’s realness loneliness will be gone and will never return ever again.

This is all much stronger than touching somekind of  magical ball in Saudi Arabia, this all hits so much closer to home, so much so that you probably need many personal days for your exclusive selves to absorb and process it all. It’s just that kind of album, one that got so much more into it than just music. I mean music is easy, you hit some notes and a bit of arrangement and there you go: but here with Fantome it’s as if they put a excellent cocktail of desirable and important knowledge in the mix, nicely stirred towards the greater good and powerfully integrated into the music. Of course,  I can’t speak for you, as everyone is a individual, experiencing things in their own point of reason from their own planet… but to me it speaks more than a human being speaking to me in person… That’s how great it is. It’s like a gift that will stirr up your own feelings of freedom again and no matter how much trouble or how many things are out there to crush you, with ‘It All Makes Sense’ nothing can hurt you!

Now I guess I need to make more  time to write about the actual songs or the tracks… Which I truly find difficult as I tend to seemingly observe and witness them all as one… But I guess I could share some thoughts about some of it. After all this is seemingly an entertainment blog of some dubious kind… is it therapy? With strangely some nice time to kill…

It starts with ‘future heroes’ which immediately throws us in the sentimental corner by hitting the power chords to let us glow up in a most elevating way. The music and words are engaging: If you win, it doesn’t make you lose. Get over this. Are the highlighting remarks of this memorable song, elevating truth and singing high above darkness. Yes, with immediate great action Fantome kills and slays the silence with expressive truths and an elevating sound that you have to be really daft for if you are not be able to feel or experience its magic. You hear it just one time and inmidiately can clearly capture yourself singing it brightly along the next! It’s really an elevating experience that certainly leaves you high up there in good spirits without having a clue what to do with this newly engaged power! You get over it and continue!

Than it’s the moment that the tremendous contagious single ‘love’ comes in to shine. A song that feels like the epidome of true positivity. It’s about love – a power I’m personally afraid off as it always seemed to lead to trouble- yet it is so understanding and so passionately done that to me comes across as so understandable. Who knows, when we don’t expect it, a good thing will happen… In fact at this point in time, healthy or not, I kindly believe to be in love with this album!  ‘To live by the heart, to truly follow it and want it to be true somehow’ is more magically comprehensive than anything I could ever think off. All the passion and all the realness is laid out in here, heart ripped open and fully expoded for all to see! The thing with love is… You can’t run away from it.

After this it’s a song for God, one that will kick in like a anthem for survival, ready to outrun your worst enemy. Yourself? One that calls for realism. To take everything under the loop and to look at the bigger picture of it all. The music with its power riffs, dark piano notes and strong drums qualify perfectly to elevate the biggest question that the powerful singing Hanin Elias is asking over here ‘is there something besides this hell?’ considering that this album is made before the pandemic circus came to town, I certainly wonder what the hell to call this moment in time on earth? Is there a word worse than hell? At least there is music and no reasons to cover our ears yet!

I’m drifting away on the album again, losing my liability of writing sensible again.. I might do one more attempt to sum it all up as the music is simply taking me far away and writing about it while not hearing it feels like the most stupidest thing to do… Anyhow…

These strong anthems of self reflection, with life saving abilities, resurrection of your own powers and trying to make sense out of all is a satisfying theme all through the album. One that looks at your own roots, recharching and brushing off your wounds to reseed your seeds to flourish once again. Stronger than ever, unbreakable and much more knowledgeable than ever… Or at least if you are the hero of this album or are able to identify with the words that are being dropped over here. How can they not? It’s nestling in your own being and stay there to make sure you keep it all burning! Also the bonus dance remixes at the end, are doing a really great job to make you to lose steam from all the awesomeness!

For me personally it feels like one big feast of reconciliation, one massive show of recognition, a satisfying yes to life, a push into the right direction, a reason to embrace it, learn from your steps in the past, brush off the scars and take a trip towards a better future in which the sky is the limit. Not all is bad, there is alot of wild things to explore, let the baddies explode, set them on fire and you – you glow – embrace and who knows you might meet your equals who respect you for who you are and grow.. like a strong flower that will never decay and with a stern that can’t be plucked or destroyed. And with Fantome as our inner core friend that never stabs in the back! This is not something for in the list of albums of the year, but best album in life! It wants us to shine together in the sky as stars, all strong together and wonderfully loved! So better go and freaking hear and feel it!!!  It’s out there, fine it as it’s bloody fantastic!!

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