Petridisch – 5 in 5

Artist: Petridisch
Title: 5 in 5
Keywords: electronic, experimental, synth

I’m ready. I don’t know about you. But I’m front row watching the procession orchestrated by Petridisch. It is looking a bit manic, like a circus rolling into town with only mermaids in bathtubs on wheels as the employees. A lot of land based water basins are moving in front of me and it is quite the sight. I enjoy them waving at me and the other street folk, hairs shining healthy in the sun and some are elegantly combing their hairs with what seems to be golden combs..

I doubt that these people with their fishy tails are just humans dressed up, as for some reason they seem like the real deal… And what is that over there? Serenaded by beautiful mermaids that somehow must be his daughters? Isn’t that Triton himself? King of the sea? Fierce and wild sitting on top of a pyramid of salty seawater that on its own flows out through the street? Yes that certainly must be him and his beautiful girls. It sure looks impressive! I wave and clap my hands although not sure if that is an appropriate reaction for an anarchist seeing loyalty. But hey, it’s freaking Triton and family, you can’t have stares of hate or throw a rotten eggs – this kind of kingdom is different?

It does all feels a bit weird though, as somehow this parade doesn’t come across as surrealistic as it ought to be. I mean in other circumstances you might question your own sanity, right? It’s not every day that this kind of thing happens, right? Yet, Somehow it comes across as I have witnessed something unusual like this before, making me not flabbergasted but more like a calm appreciator!. Maybe it’s because I’ve been accustomed to the directions and sounds of the one organizing this all: Petridisch? Maybe also because my mind had been spoiled with excellent imagination?

But yet, the sight of the glitter and the glamour of glistering sea shells decorating these bathing figurines, the coral reefs that seem to be painted on these vehicles filled with salty sea water… It is severely stunning and yet goes by so quickly, it might make you want to scratch your head a little as if you wondered if you just had a little odd day dream of some delirious kind. But I can assure with my brain still in the right place; you got nothing to worry about. And if you had gone mad, at least we had become it together?

Speaking about dreams? Is that Randy out there behind Triton? Randy the naughty water clown who is worldly known for entertainment do slapstick orientated that it had been going around that he could make the most serious person in the world stare at the flower glued to his chest, spray water out of it in the grumpiest face around and get not only away with it, but will leave the watered one in stitches from pure laughter. Oh yes, that there behind Triton is Randy alright! Well done for Randy to be a part of this impressive parade of family of mermaids.

For a moment I did think that this all couldn’t be true, that I shouldn’t believe my eyes and neither my ears. Especially because  I wasn’t at all shocked to see the unusual sight of mermaids, their dad and Randy. Just to hear them sing and watch king Triton on a big wave through the street in front of my very own eyes… it should have blown my head away and turn me into a strange state of disbelief… Yet, it all happened and as far as I can tell, I haven’t lost my marbles quite yet. Or did I?

More singing from the parade as I could see the actual sea itself splashing  through the street behind them, on it sits a fairly impressive octopus singing her heart out, mysterious and impressive with a tone of something you won’t mess about with. And than as soon as it all had came, it left into the distance. The street still wet from the strange procession but the parade itself could not be seen as of it all happened hours ago… Still the memories of it all will be stuck with me, probably inspire me with their beauty, strength and strangeness. A strangeness I might have found myself familiar with, yet did not at all go unnoticed!

I hope to see this lot come by again! And hope you be here too to witness it. As there is nothing quite like it, except perhaps if you’d managed to get around Petridisch’s personal place of wonders… I’m sure almost unbelievable things happen there on a daily basis!

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