Various artists – Poverty Electronics Vol. 5

Artists: Various
Title: Poverty Electronics Vol. 5
Keywords: experimental, electronic, noise, ambience, sound art, adventurous material
Label: Poverty Electronics

Who can be sad and poor with the new and highly stimulating composition of Poverty Recordings around? If you can’t have the technology to get it to play in your carton box that you call your home, than yes life might suck as hell, but if you can get to it and play it out loud, ik sure you feel well off and not literally like you have to be out there scrambling around the garbage bin in ready for a meal. With this compilation around you might simply forget those lacking things of basic necessities as the sounds and vibes will fill you up and maybe even house you. Even if things are temporarily, it sure is a helpful escape to anyone who needs one. I guess that even multi billionaires who sickly suck on cigars might approve of it either, it’s that kind of stuff that seems to bring the extremes a little closer together.

So let’s discuss about it, as even though I’m greatly aware that writing about music and sounds is a dumb nerdy thing to do (why don’t you just listen to the whole thing yourself?!) but somehow it seems to keep this blog afloat and it is bizarrely appreciated too. I don’t know why, but I guess just like life, there might be no point to anything so we just might aswell enjoy it. So here is the happy start as someone named Odra kicks this compilation off with a very groovy electrifying bit of fun.  It is taking us down to the wonderful middle points of the neural slum, where jazz gets strangled in alleyways, bubbly alien abductions are done in dubious corners and lots of homely boxes have formed a nice alternative village for people with a warm groove in their heart.

As we move on we meet Raymond Cummings’s Blush of No Season. You might think: what does that mean? Blush of the no season? But as we think this i can assure you that this question is big enough to fill up anyone’s rumbling hungry belly, so in the end we might feel not at all in the mood to go food diving in the dumpster and instead just sit and listen. I don’t know about you, but when I did that I had the feeling that Raymond Cummings teleported me to the surreal place of a lovely sight-post somewhere on the south pole. At times there might be the occasional  hiss-like snake between our legs and somehow this gives us something to do in order to kill the loneliness over here… Give it a little yank…

From here we are treated to a masterful warmth crafted by a person whose music I had written about a few days ago. I’m glad that Derek Piotr didn’t lower the quality senses for Poverty Recordings, as for sure it sounds as warm and mysteriously pleasant as having a golden glow of sun in our hands. Warming us up when we ought to be cold, but also giving us something astounding to play with. Music as light, letting it slide playfully through our fingers, warming our palms and even lightning up the dim grim faces of the other hobos around us. Things are lush and full, decadent even, clearly designed with so much eye to design that it somehow makes us feel a little rich and special. Not bad, right?

Now it’s poverty’s tradition to go for a smoke, after all if life stinks you might aswell make sure you smell a bit of nicotine too. Luckily there is the nicest sounding smoking teen named Teen Smoking, here to providing not gently the occasional fag to be shared, but it has a very sweet and exotic aromatic flavor to it, making probably even the billionaire listening at his mansion look at it’s stinky cigar and think ‘rubbish’. The Moister Field cigarette of music is warm, rattles like a rattlesnake and has that rhythmic humbling calming expression of something warm and shamanic. Every suck on it feels like we are somewhere on a holy part of the Savannah, kindly tripping our heads of under the guidance of a shaman who was happy to poison our bodies with substance that might change our minds forever.

When we are all out of our heads, far removed from any realistic circumstance (as they are mostly shit anyway!)  a certain Kärmschutz is showing up, bringing to us what sounds like the first encounter of high class modern technology that had gone rogue. Syntax error in 10 it says on the tin, but even though this might be the result of an error, the flubbering flirtatious sounds clearly has a very adult feel and vibe over then, as if they knew exactly what to do, kindly snorring away like a large digital lion cat that had been all made up out of robotic elements and such.

It happens to be a excellent partner for the delightful sounding Ibiza Shock Troops that come up next, clearly aiming to make our life feel immediately better, as it is full of jolly glittering glitter sounds, joyful squeeky plastics and a mellowness that goes well together with the robotic vacuum of dancable rhythmic dance materials. Before I knew what was happening I had found myseif upside down turning around on my head in spinning moves as if I’d been done kind of well rehearsed breakdancer. Passersby would throw some coins at my head, which I would  probably use to get some cheap can of sailor men’s urine. (It taste like piss but gets the job done!)

After this it’s die hard underground superstar Der Domestizierte Mensch to take over the poverty recordings surroundings. Things go rather quickly here as the artist immediately has used his skill to put some kind of trance induced spell on our ears. No buildup needed when there is a proffesional around, Der Domestizierte Mensch clearly proofs this theory over here, easily turning the whole scenery into some surreal place in which strange dinosaurs roam around politely, mysterious ones are flying in the sky and a warm flow of sound is contagiously keeping us safe, sane and together. It’s fascinating!

From here it’s time for some comedy, after all when it’s time it’s time. For this occasion it’s  Terbeschikkingstelling who is ought to entertain us, blowing like a asthmatic piss-taker into a horny horn, giving brass the right touch and feel to make everyone agree that it’s one of those things that certainly is a thing that blows. Underneath it sits a didgeridoo as the sane chaperone, so you, me and the horn rapist can sit safely together. As long as there is no saliva spit coming out of the instrument I guess we are all blessed, sane and good spirited!

In any case we might come at this point of our poverty level that we simply should bring out our nutty selves and go for a bit of a celebration. Even the pipe smoking billionaire might have donated all its money to the bums in the street at this point, so it’s a micro party time. A good close friend of mine hops in to provide the music of Happy Poverty Vibes and this Toxic Chicken certainly clucks away like a headless chicken with out. Single worry in the world.

To chill out from the instant burst of hilarity, we can confirm that Poverty Recordings has lined up a very comfortable humbling audio collaboration that is sounding so deep and dense that it certainly made me feel as if anyone would search for me, it would be impossible to find me. This work is so deep and dense that it comes across like we are the poor owners of an entire underground tunnel complex above a rich busy city. We can feel the buzz from urban life high above us, can smell the bins of leftover pizzas and hear the calmly vibrating vibes of subway trains hitting the breaks as their echos vibrate through these enormous cave-like environment that is dry, safe and (not unimportant!) without any other human life forms in sight. Here we can sleep wherever we want without  having to be afraid someone would kick us in the crotch and steal our pennies, here we can philosophically think about life, enjoy the sounds of the above world as they are beautifully subdued by this enormous underground system. This crafty place of sheer safety is created by Datewithdeath, {AN} EeL and Grove of Whispers and I thank them kindly for it.

PPFPESSco is up next, luckily continueing a sweet calming sensation that allows us to keep relaxed while it’s serving up a magnified look on sounds that will bring us back to the human world. People. Even though itself might ring the alarm by repetively dropping multiple ‘oh oh’ words, it somehow cones across as unfazed of seeing the upper light of the human race and all their flaws again. But it’s also rather quick, as when we are out there in the open expecting a slum party, it’s another individual’s time to take us away to a completely different scene. One in which rain symbols is giving itself to the sea. A thing that might sound on one perspective as somewhat suicidal, but if you hear it it’s by far the opposite. We can hear the breezy seaside wind blowing in our face, and the sea calling out like an actual godlike creature that is viewable and touchable, a higher power to simply believe in and dedicate your life too. Somehow this vision cones with the banging of holy bells, as if it’s confirmed done deal that rain symbols have merged with the sea. It doesn’t mean we ought to do the same, but just being here at this very special noisy moment in time, feels clearly very important and special.

This all was also pretty intensive and that’s why we all should be delighted with the presence of mhzesent who clearly has the magical powers set to tranquilize any of our previous intensities. With warm mumbling wooly  kindness we seem to be treated by a pleasant fuzziness that will not only calm down, but also somehow becomes an admirable little hide out friend to settle down in. It’s like listening to peace and safety while keeping itself small and humble. Pretty nice and full of appreciated adorableness.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt has the honor to successfully end this very diverse and yet very harmonic togetherness of anything that Poverty Recordings have been offering on this volume 5 of its compilation series. His only wish is for us all to share these moments with him & I have to say; you must be an idiot not to oblige to make this artist’s wish come true. His work is moist in noisiness, a soundscape that is gassy to say the least, with the screeching sound of a turbulent rockstar twirling around in a hot buzz that might crackle the wood and sharpen the knives if you had any! In any case it gives you things that nobody would suspect poor people would have, but aldo gives what everyone would know what poor people would have: life experience! Lots of stories to tell and sounds, music, noises to tell them with! This ladies and gentlemen is the power of Poverty Recordings Volume 5!

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