SNCKPCK – Dog Heaven

Title: Dog Heaven

With a waggling tail full of enthusiasm SNCKPCK comes in running with its tongue out and ears flapping up and down. SNCKPCK’s reliable happiness stands out in loyalty, pure at heart and appreciative for every doggy snack I pull out of my reviewers pocket. With bright happy eyes SNCKPCK looks at me as it jumps up multiple times trying to lick my face and hump my leg at the same time. With a few comments I calm SNCKPCK down a bit, stroking SNCKPCK at all the right places, giving him a nice bone to chew on. It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

SNCKPCK isn’t the only one being happy and free around here, lots of other doggy friends are out and about. Heck, there are even dogs! They look a little different than SNCKPCK but to be fair, dogs come in all kinds of looks and sizes. But SNCKPCK is probably the only one who can sing in human language, which of course makes SNCKPCK top of the pack. But what a jolly one SNCKPCK is, not at all like those perverted furries, but like an actual puppy with friendly talents, so sweet you almost want to adopt him and become the best of friends with SNCKPCK. I’m not sure if he fits on your lap, but I guess SNCKPCK would probably be happy laying at your feet too.

Musically SNCKPCK is clearly an dog enthusiast more than anything else. That’s why it’s quite remarkable that it’s not just done in the dog language itself, but because of that, it’s much better and more enjoyable for all the human admirers and music / dog lovers around. I don’t know what else to say than wishing SNCKPCK all the best, with the hope that he is surrounded by the best dogs in the world and happy and free to play among them. I wonder if there is a cat variation of someone like SNCKPCK out there somewhere, but for the meantime I have a feeling that SNCKPCK is a league on its own! Woof!

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