Audiosmogg – Home Office Ambience

Artist: Audiosmogg
Title: Home Office Ambience
Keywords: comedy czechia field recordings noise Prague

When we work at home (and many do in these times of need) we don’t really think of recording our daily work routines in our home office. But when you are a sound lover like Audiosmogg you simply might be your own private stalker with a microphone. Luckily for us as now we can listen along like a true peeping tom & that’s okay as Audiosmogg is not your dull bathrobe wearing casual work at home kind of person… So pretty entertaining at least if you are into the more riskier side of weirdness…

Audiosmogg first does it’s best to perforate the ears as if they are rotten teeth and the sound the dentist demolishing them with one of those crinchworthy noisy tools. Ah, working at home never sounded so bleedingly painful. All has been fixed instantly, yet that doesn’t stop Audiosmogg of giving some more working material to humanity. Its as if this artist is filling up the holes with a public gathering of angry people from a time period before the overdosing amounts of mouthmasks hitting the streets.

Of course , Audiosmogg isn’t the nastiest and always polite and kind enough to fix in a little work break to rest our deluded souls, ready to spit out bloody saliva and mouth gravel while exciting tropical birds chit and chat in their locked up environment. Maybe they are free, but somehow through Audiosmogg’s recording skills I just have to presume that they are nicely packed in a cage. Working hard for Audiosmogg and our pleasure I guess… Oh well, I guess that makes them not fly away & easier to record and provide us some nice burst of feathery action in our little communal break of listening to Audiosmogg at work at home.

It’s a thing that we might need, as after this it’s that time of the year again : time to get seriously ill! Oh and yes Audiosmogg illness is one that we all will happily accept as it’s not diarrhea or any form of sneezing problems, but more the kind of illness that makes us do things with our hands, like strangely frolicking around nonstop rattling things, kicking our legs a bit as if we needed to pee but actually don’t need to go and do this at all… That kind of illness… Yes, you might scream for help triple times when this kind of sickness kicks in, but it’s doubtful anyone will be running towards you and even less chance a helpful person will call up an ambulance… But poor Audiosmogg, as the illness is changing more and more in time, like a colorful asthma attack that leaves us this hard working at home individual short at breath, but strangely we are invited  at the same time to enjoy the inhaling bits as if we are doing a joint excersize of some kind of military fashion.

But don’t worry, rain will come and help out, clearly soaking each and everyone worries out, but also draining the illness away, letting some fresh air in and silencing those birds as if they hadn’t even been there before. The world outside Audiosmogg’s window certainly is wet, but isn’t it refreshing and calming in a tropical sounding  way? Especially after such an attack on a hard working persons sanity? But after a bit of chill, Audiosmogg is getting us back inside again, clearly now in a state that we really should have called an exorcist for, at least more than a average doctor… But yeah what can we do?  besides I doubt that any priest will get the demons out of our audio loving artist body, besides Audiosmogg has clearly no time for a weirdo preaching while holding a Bible, as this busy bee has to type nonstop on a keyboard like the true workaholic that Audiosmogg is. Maybe the demon are helping to get the final bit of the home job done, which is fair enough as after all nobody can occupy a body and get some kind of free ride, right? Besides someone is paying for this work at home, right?  In any case, like it or not, you can’t deny that Audiosmogg home office job certainly feels quite special and different than your average accountant being at home pretending to work. Jolly!

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