loka – Träumer

Artist: loka
Title: Träumer
Keywords:  berlin experimental german germany ambient drone electronic meditative new age vaporwave Fairfax
Label: Ingrown Records

Just imagine  like we are going away for a nice and cute little travel. We are fully packed with a sweet little backpack waiting patiently at some quiet station as our pink rail sliding vehicle arrives for us to enter. As we  step happily  into our little monorail thing of choice and speedily move into a world of friendly melodies, a true joyful bliss falls down on our eyelids, eardrums and you know all the inside bits that is keeping us alive, warm, happy and well.

With all this electronic fancy bliss that positively keeps shining on our carriage from all sides, it’s like we are moving through starfields that light our beautiful paths up ahead. Like we slip through dream dust and go underneath fancy rainbows. Dreamy melodies pling fascinatingly around as our way of getting around slides through a curious wonderland. No need to sit politely on a chair, feel free to stand near a window and look outside to see the lights and pretty colors moving by. The movement is fast but yet there is no reason we would fall down. No driver will hit the break when we haven’t arrived yet and no shaking or weird movements are out to get us.

The mechanics of this place are just as fascinating as the way this traveling wonder works. It’s going so smooth, like a feather forwards into the abyss of lovely beauty. We are not holding our breaths, we are not packed in a subway system like a bunch of crowded sardines, but are in fact breathing around spaciously, looking at another hand full of passengers that all look like they have shopped for clothes at willy wonka’s candy floss fashion store. They are friendly, big eyes wonders of nature, all lovingly and sweet and you feel not at all like you want to slay them or push them out of the nearby exit door. There is no hatred or the need for it over here.

No stress, all is full of love and every single one of them is going to where we are heading. Everyone is enjoying the experience, smiling, friendly and happily calm as we set through this communal shared experience that brings traveling through music as a true destination on its very own. When we arrive we might wake up, knowing it had just been some fancy dream. But wouldn’t it be good if we could just go back, hop on board of this train of dreams and just disappear for a bit. Enjoying the glow of warmth, electricity and wonders as we slide to nowhere!

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2 Responses to loka – Träumer

  1. Yellowhead says:

    This EP by Ioka (also fresh) is interesting too: https://56stuff.com/releases/moments.htm (:

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