Various Artists – Paragon

Artists: various
Title: Paragon
Keywords: art pop avant-garde eclectic electronic experimental folk improvised lo-fi melodic singer-songwriter Amsterdam

Label: Dreamsociety Records

As you might have noticed, yikis had been a little rusty these days, but apparently a bit of oil had done some recent miracles, So rest assured, we ain’t dead yet and neither had been all the wonderful music that had popped out here and there. Like for example ‘Paragon’, a compilation album showcasing the many talents (real and imagined) on the new dreamsociety label. This one will certainly sparkle some new life in the general ear, planting it there until it grows up like a climbable beanstalk as high as the dreamworld.

It starts with Bloom de Wilde who delivers pure sentiment with a poetry slam-dunk full of warm tones coming out of a authentic fender roads, on which her golden glowing voice  sails through an amazing backbone of the surrealistic beauty kind. The song naned ‘Flying Carpenters’ will light up the room like a fireplace lid by magic, calmly nibbling away with a charm that might rise the hairs in the neck or make you feel slightly drowsed as if you had been hypnotized by a spell that had been made up by mermaids and brought to shore by seasoned drunken sailors that simply can’t keep a secret. It will silence the loudest and focus the most unfocused in the room, like a sea chanty of bewildered fantasy books  as told by one of the more adventurous siren-creations themselves.

After this it’s ‘Absolute State’ with a tune named ‘Fool’, a work that somehow feels like it’s capable to turn us listeners into the main character of a James Bond like persona. But instead of working for the bad guys also known as the government, this smart individual puts himself as one of the better dressed agents of the resistance. One who goes undercover, puts his whole charm at work to go and work freely and untouched, doing it’s ultimate best avoiding the controlling noisy flying drones, tricking the system by making advanced use of dubious mobile phones, successfully operating to trick them all… This ‘fool’ has clearly lots of tricks up his sleeves and the music and voice of our self identifying hero feels like it could go easily ‘undercover’ between commercially approved biggies on corporate BBC radio.

Homosampliens & Toxic Chicken might have predicted that all this fantasy and active roleplay could have turned the listeners all a bit thirsty. So they are kind enough to provide the cutest electro dub with the friendliest offerings of ‘milk’ you probably can come across in the music world. With sweet melowness in melody, you can clearly be guaranteed that no animal has been abused in the make of this delicious liquid goody. Organically and strangely packed as one, the music flows out like only a dreamteam could have performed it, making you probably thirsty for more!

But don’t worry ‘Paragon’ keeps the imagination spinning with the next character taking the stage, one named ‘Timo de la Mar’ who comes across as a glittery sea prince with a beard full of sparkles and bright colored seaweed. Its not hard to imagine him having wild hairs in the wind as he fully endorses himself in the one-man-band of dreams that he comes across as. With his song ‘Psychomind’ he delivers a raw and fanatic hop-on mystery, armed with his guitar and harmonica as he sings his wild bewilderment out like a creature that can’t be contained, one that needs to make his animalistic noises as he sprays out  gold dust from the back of his vocal chords. Is he nicer than he is or is it his own mind spinning things? There is a certain beasty energy here that cannot be denied, one that is exciting and gentle at the same time. Will Timo eat us alive after throwing us in the deepest depths of a nearby sea or will he take us to a wonderful island and be the gentlest man of our very own dreams?

Polichinelle – Dans Ma Poitrine is up next on this showcase, it’s a very calm and friendly bit of surrealism in which cats and seagulls seemingly seem to politely dance around eachother, kindly ticking over the percussion like a gentle happening in a dream that you would love to have lasted forever after waking up.  Eventually everything is forming melodies that are sweet as love itselves, quietly warning up the heart of the listener as life goes by. It is weird and difficult to describe but let me say that it’s a bit as if the music is holding hands with us as we stroll in a dazed trance on a pretty beach with full on butterflies here and there.

Brian Bordello comes in with song ‘The Bloom of The Wild’, one that is like an authentic troubadour fully at comfort in its volunarable sound, singing as a true romantic who is letting his heart speak through his words of mouth, hoping it will reach the rapunzel in the ivory tower and let their voices grow together like a blooming flower in its finest hour. With a true noble act of no-fi stardom, this singer-songwriter comes over like the real deal, unmasked and without filter, poetically expressing himself with the sexiest male voice you could imagine.

Eventually with our hearts all warmed up by Brian, it’s now time for the rest of our body to get some instant action. Luckily ‘paragon’ provides as it’s here that the party really starts to truly swing as ‘The Snoppjes’ are taking over with a shambolic happening named ‘Polipo’, a free based driven unique rocker with heavy double bass and nicely crunchy electrifying percussion, moving out in such an excellent way that it’s hard to not be mesmerized by its lo-fi magnitude of how much fun it is to groove out and have fun, the unfiltered, unbiased music way!

Up next is ‘You Can’t Handle This’ by ‘Constance’ which is one of the strong and catchy real life anthems on this compilation, one so true that you  almost feel happy that we aren’t the one not being able to handle this. As certainly this is a tune and a big song you certainly wish to hear it roaring on repeat. This is such a big middle finger of a statement in song form, flipping it in the right corner, greatly laying out a authentic memerable song that is tougher than arnold schwarzenegger at his heydays and doesn’t need any of those pills ful of protein to be coming across as strong and real as it is. This is powered by emotion and true realness, something that comes out like a justified lioness that maybe got tricked somehow, but evidently you are never going to succeed to tame her! With a powerful voice, strong mind, great lyrics and persona intertwined in the song everything comes out true and pure as Constance must be in real life. You better be on the right side of here! She and this song simply kicks your ass and you be happy handling it over and over again!

4fists – Sweat and Bray is up next, a wordless tune that is mysterious, smokey, hazy, electric, with a cocktail of melodic flavor that I can tell you will be never going out of your  certainly inform you that it will never escape out of your head. It certainly is unique, strange and very sentimental in ways I can not describe and even in my attempts of doing so, I feel as if some strange smokey fog slips in, ready to occupy my mind like a likable perfume of mood and sound. It got those big beats, something that might pass on as reversed church bells, surreal melodics… For a short work it simply got everything to be mesmerized by and somehow hooks onto your memory section like a pitbull whose biting teeth feel truly delicious and worthwhile.

At the end Timo de la Mar teams up for a collaboration with Bloom de Wilde. Two characters of the dreamworld fitting like yin and yang into eachother as they flip open their magic potions of on the spot sing a song magic. Sparkles of the sun and the stars are warming up the recording through their voices, combining their energy to maximum impact. It’s like listening to a fairytale unfolding right in front of our heads, really leaving us hanging in a state that secretly only wants more of this pleasant fire among souls. Where did they meet?, how did they end up here dueting in what feels like a high rock on top of a bright look on an neverending  sea of fantasy? I guess we are left to think, wander and dream endlessly, hoping that all these adventures with their full cast of characters will come back  for more stories to tell!

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