Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Stay Safe

Artist: Elizabeth Joan Kelly
Title: Stay Safe
Keywords: experimental psa ambient classical collage doom electronic instrumental quarantine pop robocalls robot vocals New Orleans

Elizabeth Joan Kelly is staying home, a place where she had been recording a single that does it’s ultimate best in trying to convince you to do the same and stay evidently safe. It is clear that this is an artist who clearly cares for her fans and whished them simply the best…

Now you might have guessed that we certainly are living in a strange time period, one in which alternative musicians are making the grown-up but cool tunes to inform us weirdoes what the hell is going on in the world. Elizabeth Joan Kelly obviously wants us not to catch covid-19 just as much as another music maker named d3k4 does. She made a song in which the producer clearly reminds us to wash our hands frequently for minimum 20 seconds and to not touch your own face… powerful and to the point messaging and yet creative, short and very clear! They care about us!

Both music makers are cleaely inspired by these crazy times, but didn’t let it get to them but instead did their best bringing their powerful and handy messages in their own and unique ways & all I can say is that it is heartwarming and appreciated over here. Simply because  not everyone is equiped with a newspaper, internet connection with the news or a mainstream television to tell us what the hell is going on outside and how to stay out and away from the invisible trouble that had been lurking around. Now that it’s cool futuristic music informing us weirdoes and music nerds while at the same time  educating how to keep safe from terrible stuff is ofcourse a true bonus fact. So yes, let’s stay safe, cause I’m pretty sure the likes like Elizabeth Joan Kelly will certainly have more epic music popping out, material so good hat you don’t want to miss any of it in the nearby future!

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