DJ ANY WAY/Spaghetti Castle – DJ ANY WAY/Spaghetti Castle

Artist: DJ ANY WAY/Spaghetti Castle
Title: DJ ANY WAY/Spaghetti Castle
Keywords:  dark drone ambient electronic dark drone drone drone ambient drone dark ambient meditative ambient meditative drone Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

We have gone through a case of being victim of a tropical shipwreck, washed up ashore to stare at nothing less than the legendary Sinbad whose heated body got nicely toned from being toasted by the sun for days. The sea is glittering in our eyes, making the view of the healthy sailor a sight that is just as remarkable as a fatamorgana in the middle of a dried up desert. Slowly but surely we observe as Sinbad owns the place like a robinson crusoe & the day ebbs by smoothly as if it might just have been a little trick of the imagination.

Eventually when we pass out and wake up again, another peculiar moment arrives. Something that we knew from the fairy tale books, the movies and word of mouth stories. We somehow see ali Baba entering the magical cave, hear the stone entrance roll open, making way for this human to decent freely into the world of golden wonders, pretty sparkles and of course the famous wonderlamp. Somehow we sit on front row and the hero doesn’t notice us being there. When our legendary hero is fast asleep it is clear that we can’t contain ourselves and make good use of the moment by crawling up next to this hero, calmly nibbling away on his resting body while calmly warming up on his natural health. It looks like we are invisible and our hunk doesn’t even notice us nibbling away on his most intimate body parts.

When we slip away in a further dream, we arive up in a moment of tea time. One in which the finest aromas cone at us from the wonderful tea leaves, nice and warm the aromas and the liquid slips with little drops down our thirsty throat. At this moment this tea is all that counts, as nobody wonders wether we had actually undressed sinbad like a pervert with our very own eyes from a safe distance or slept with Ali Baba without him even noticing it… It was probably just a dream, a mild feverishly erotic fantasy, but it might also be that it was just music for you and me.

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