Pettaluck – Herd Impunity

Artist: Pettaluck
Title: Herd Impunity
Keywords: alternative, experimental, improv
Label: TQN-aut

Are you ok? Perhaps stuck in the United Kingdom? Having some time to spare? I guess if we obey the rules and are in some kind of government favored lockdown mode as they battle the vaccines through long clogged up roads in true brexit style at the border, things couldn’t be much better, eh? Empty streets, closed playgrounds and tears behind closed doors… But don’t worry, Pettaluck is here to safe your day, bringing in a true theatric music masterpiece  to escape any confinement, wether it’s real or imagined, flawlessly providing proof that you can be locked up at home, but that those walls can’t stop you from traveling the music way.

Yes, it’s time to put the bananas out of your ears, avoid going bananas yourself and see the positive effects of this unexpected covid-19 weirdness. Yep, jobless, no money, no backup, battling with the kids, distressed by house mates, nothing to eat, no place to go and  nobody to see (or you get ill or be fined!) But there is all those years of creativity, brilliantly sitting there for you to play with, finally expertly having found the perfect habitat to come out and play yourself. And if you don’t, than let’s appreciate the offer of brilliant escapism while fully embracing the situation with Pettaluck. An artist who made an entire corona musical, one that goes through passageways of all the various and recognizable  moods, themes and vibes. From sadness, thinking of the better days, finding peace at a needed walk in nature among the trees all the way to a certain clownish rage of true understandable frustration!

Maybe herd immunity won’t work, but herd impunity by Pettaluck certainly seems to do everything conceivable to get it right. A music master piece in which collages of playfulness gets us happily through the situation, conveying what we think and are going  through & brilliantly converted it to a melodic expression that will hopefully will be going down in history as a chapter to inform the future what the hell happened in 2020, as we certainly hope this stuff not resurrects in the beyonds. But it has to be said, this 19 minute COVID-19 themed pop opera would have been deeply missed if times had been gone entirely different. The world is all vile, but this cesspool certainly created the most fanatically real and brilliant music expressions that  I doubt would have been born if situations had been all rose-colored and perfect. Although crazily enough I do think that Pettaluck would be gladly sacrifice this album to return the world into a less sick and deadlier controlling place. You just know it, that is the kind of an artist that Pettaluck must be, even though so much work, passion and soul had gone in here…

Luckily such sacrifice don’t need to be made as let’s be frank; this must be one of the best things artistically and musically coming out of this really crazy pandamic time! Highly recommend checking this one out, as it offers not only a great escape, it’s also a world of relativity and rather excellent music too! Almost making me want to say that it’s been not so bad after all..  which i’m not, but I did, almost! Give it a spin, you will probably love it:

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