Ivy Nostrum – The World is Solid the Universe is Solid

Artist: Ivy Nostrum
Title: The world is solid the universe is solid
Keywords: experimental ambient drone improvisation

Please sit or lay back in relaxed state and concentrate on Ivy Nostrum. Let’s become one with this artist goodwilled session of sound, let it take over the control by you responding to it voluntarily and in your own open minded ways. . Pay attention to your breathing in and out as these sounds reach you, feel your inner chakra points as your belly goes up and down (if you are alive) and let the massaging tones of meditation-noise in like the touch of a masseuse with the majestic hypnotic flair of an experimental musician with burning incense sticks deeply stuck in the head. They have the look and the smells to get you hypnotized in a state of wellbeing in no time!

Things are going in and out, so please do your best to try to be in the moment, concentrate on the noises as they twirl around the navel centre. Feel those comfortable self healing meditations  as the sounds that  ring up that feeling of balanced self help, slipping around like ticklish fingers up and down your spine until you feel hard… in fact eventually this is the goal… Everything becomes stiff. Your bones become solid. If you are a male, it’s like you are getting ready for a happy ending, so solid it is  that you are becoming.

The air, the world , your body, everything becomes one big mass like a rock that feels as one. Only Ivy Nostrums meditational sounds are the ones that keep themselves fluid over here, dripping around you like the smoothest and juiciest massage oil that will even reach the most hardened buttcrack. Your throbbing solidness is a sign of becoming one and in total peace and harmony of the universe itself. Eventually you might melt again, but that kind of therapeutic gong invested hardness certainly will make you feel stronger, more mindful and hardened than you had been without the experience of this true Ivy Nostrum session!

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