Whettman Chelmets – The Poor. The Reign.

Artist: Whettman Chelmets
Title: The Poor. The Reign.
Keywords:  ambient drone modern classical noise post-rock shoegaze Joplin

Whettman Chelmets is at it again, opening the curtains of the peculiar music world and let us in like a delightful audience ready to be entertained in the vague way. It starts with a work named ‘she is your grandfather and grand mother’ which comes with the heavy ways of mystery, roaming around in the trend and style of a innocent child looking up at their elderly in similarity to the weighty shadow realm of respect that many adults could identify as similar as when someone bad ass like a darth vader walks into a room. It has that grand allure of authority, of someone we are perhaps slightly in awe from, even though we know it might just be the cape, the grey hair or just the enormous age gap that makes us feel this way.

Break in Fluidity is of a different order, calm and sunny flavored, with lights that come as if they shine through a window that hasn’t been cleaned in years, still that doesn’t stop the powers from the almighty rays of sunshine to crackle in and light up the place with a pretty dose of well needed vitamin D. The mysterious music equipment in the room starts to respond and play ‘vespers’ like a monks play, a hymn of strange surreal chanting, spaced out oriental weirdness that is amazing and delirious at the same time. The monks chant like they are on the edge of cumming, preying their life cells away in order to live a happy stainless life in a mindful state of true dedication to the devine state of absence and self restraint.

They might not have their natural climax, but instead their prayers are answered by wordless talks about love. Spreading out like a wonderful bush of delightful sound, sliding the waves like a harmonic surfer who continuously manages to drift along a magical never ending wave, riding it out as if a shore to crush on doesn’t exist and love stories  are a case of infinite inspiration. Eventually the beautiful ride does come to an end, but it slides by so smoothly that it’s easy to imagine it keep on going in the far back, as we get served up another mood to think and wonder about.

The workers had taken over, showcasing their workspace in a intense but truly intriguing way. They clearly want us to see their natural place, show us around the back door as we slowly are pushed into the Fair Apaiser. A hotbed of calm audio magic, with pretty strings to wrap our ears in, warm like a sahara dream, yet not as deadly or hot to be flame up by. With this it’s all coming to an end, the world of Whettman Chelmets closes its surrealistic curtains once again, unless you slip all the way back to the beginning and enjoy the abstract ride again. Who is stopping you?



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