Cement Tea – Electro Cuter EP

Artist: Cement Tea
Title: Electro Cuter EP
Keywords: Electronic breaks electro experimental idm industrial São Paulo

Ah, do you smell that? It must be time for tea! But can you smell that strangeness in the air? This isn’t just the odor of  normal tea, this is the perfume of cement tea that makes our inner nose hair shake with delight. I also smell some kind of eeriness, not sure if that’s actually tea… That is something that comes across as burning meat? Oh well I guess maybe we are getting food with our cement tea? In any case I think it’s best to check it out and not be to snotty for what we will find over here…

So yeah, lets follow those smells… Oh yes, here it is. Two cups of cement tea and a tea kettle just for us to top up if we needed too. How nice. Have some as I don’t like to drink alone! Yes, those cups are quite heavy and you can certainly break your teeth on this tea, but I do think this friendly gesture deserves a delightful smile by us, after all who would have thought to get some cement tea on a day like this? Let’s take a big load and swallow it nicely down… Oh yes, these dark flavours, feel those halloween tainted breaks as they freakily slip down our throats. Aren’t they delightful? Let’s raise our little pinkies in the air and salute these big beats as screams of cute terror dance in the back. Are they coming from the cool preparing the meaty extras in the back or are they coming from the meat that might be cooked alive?

It sure could be both, but at this point, as our bellies fill up with delightful cement tea it certainly doesn’t really matter as even though the weight of this hardcore liquid, those bouncing beats and taints of evil horror really gets me into dancing mode. Not sure what it does to you, but even though you would think that cement tea would be keeping us grounded, I feel like I can dance like a weightless boxer who might have inhaled the maximum amount of helium.

Lucky the big bangs of thick kicks are keeping me in touch with gravity, otherwise I might have raved myself on those fat beats towards the place where the smell of burning meat is coming from, probably seeing questionable things that will traumatize even the finest hardcore tea drinkers in the world. Instead I stay here, bouncing my head in the zone in which things have been very fine so far.

Oh yes, it’s been banging over here, the cement tea really  keeps itself bouncing around inside with a contagious twist that feels like we are happily killed from the inside out & we are quite happily about it. These electro industrial flavored cups of tea are being refilled and emptied in our mouth holes as if it’s an energy boosting drink that we must drink as our lives are depending on it. At this point I certainly am too full for any bonus meat, even if it had been cute as hell before it arrives to our tea party as a sweet side dish. Too busy freaking out, partying, wiggling and consuming more cement tea than the FDA might have approved! Who cares if we collapse after this and than chopped up by a chainsaw in the kitchen area with the other cuties? I don’t! Come on, have some! There is plenty of cement tea in this teapot over here to get a whole bunch of you dancing!


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