Rita Braga – Time Warp Blues

Artist: Rita Braga
Title: Time Warp Blues
Keywords: pop retro-futuristic avant-pop cabaret quirky singer-songwriter Porto

Happy new year everyone who is here to read and a bad one to all who is here just passing through! Today on the end of the first week of the new beginnings I would like to invite you all to listen to Rita Braga her Time Warp Blues. With this you would have a good time in 1944 all the way to 2021 and probably the many life times that hopefully are  beyond. But let’s not think too far ahead, we never know how long we will be around as humans, considering the current world situation,  it wouldn’t be all too ridiculous to imagine us dancing as happy ghosts in the nearby future. But what happy ghosts we all will be with Time Warp Blues in our transparent ears! So you better spook your way in before a big clock of time collapses on top of your head. Yup, come in and tremble around like a timeless dancing ghost as this stuff is moving, groovy, fun and quirky in all the right freeing bits.

Wether you used to be Stevie Wonder himself, or are just the regular music lover; we can all swing in line with the interesting music, songs and sound style that Rita clearly made her own over here. With those thick organic organ grooves, odd synth sounds, ridiculously catchy violin blurbs, the authentic sentiment of ukulele and Rita her very own unique vocal vibes you be in another world & considering the shit this one is in, Rita’s universe is certainly a relieve to wiggle around in. But don’t worry that it’s olden glory, dusty with a layer of historical analogous from the past as within Time Warp Blues the golden ages are equally edged as the modern futuristic ones. You will be coming across a product of artificial intelligence named amore 002, born out of a algorithm, who meets all your desires… Be careful, as this hotty might be just as devious as irresistible.

But it’s alright to forget sometimes, especially when losing control, as with music like this, all is forgiven. You will be easily teleported to another timeless zone where you wade in the past, present and future of a spacious astro world  all at the same time. This state might sound confusing on paper, but as music it is the perfect place to be right now. Wether you are there to tear up while thinking about sardines or wiggle your new grown cat tail while you shake pussycat-style around with castanets while chasing a rainboe; this is the zone to be, warm, playful, cute, sentimental, humoristic and don’t forget… Very amorous at times! I would say, hop on board as there is no rocket waiting for us to escape earth’s reality, but Rita’s Time Warp Blues is a great (maybe even greater!) alternative escape plan!!

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