Dea Karina / Furchick – Pendhapa

Artists: Dea Karina / Furchick
Title: Pendhapa
Label: dubbed tapes
Keywords: experimental collaboration field recording noise Patea

I heard it coming down, like a meteorite that had made such a light show in the gloomy night before impact, that it could be seen from miles away. Luckily I had been close and not too much of a wuss to get nearer and check it out. How could I not? The deafening sound of the alienating psychedelic music attracted me more than that it invoked scared panicky thoughts. I ran faster and faster and when in frontal ear bleeding range, I dove full frontal on the ground to watch the alien object growl up in front of me. I tried to read the language on the unknown material in front of me: Dea Karina / Furchick it said.

I have heard these names before, but at that moment in time I couldn’t figure out where, when and who. The music, loud as it was, completely absorbed me. Even though I was laying low, it felt as if the psychedelic sounds had come out like wild lions that grabbed me in the neck to bring me back to that arts and craft spectacle of unknown origin. Like a lion’s mum putting it’s cute little one back to the nest. I couldn’t figure out what was happening, but somehow the music felt like the sound of a ritual, one as serious as some religious figure splitting the sea in half, but that case might involve wetness and storm, but here I heard warmth, drought… Fire. It was as potent and large as a entire desert, the melodic fullness of a mysterious unexplored space of living magical deities, a spectacle that must have never been written about before.

I witnessed seemingly souls flying up, lightening up the sky as the sound of Dea Karina / Furchick continued to draw attention. I could swear to hear applause but couldn’t find an audience. In fact the sounds of this finding simply made all that could have been noticable around me into backdrop material. In front I could witness birds and wooden pling ploings… Slowly morphing into abstract, but pretty noise tones that ebbed in and out of the night. This all was doing something with me… It was calming and soothing, as if it had exhaled the loud sounds to draw listeners from far nearer & now had shifted gear to become more a hypnotic private show of surreal strangeness. If I could still use my head, I would have made photographs and notes in my notebook.

I didn’t have a hand held mirror or the time to look at one, but if I did, I would be certain that my eyes would be twirling in magnificent circles. The music, sounds, noises (it is probably all of this combined and more… As it seems to be coming from another dimension) really seem to be able to be the sole input for utter hallucinations. Human-like analogue radio chatter flips through, as if the strangeness in front of me is doing it’s best to accommodate in earthy communication, but it is presented in such a eccentric way that the chatter becomes art in itself; a spraying fountain of gibbering  words and noises that made me feel at ease enough to lower all personal shields and get off the ground to come closer and closer.

Right in front Dea Karina / Furchick continued with their audio presence, they certainly are having no reaction on me being there, in fact it was as if I had been expected… This must be the work of higher powers, as with laser beams slinky toys jumped out and comfortable ringing  bowl sounds aligned with the streams of natural  calm flowing water, really opening up the gates for a lucid trip that no new age club could have ever stepped foot  in. To be allowed to witness the establishing sounds of trippy beauty, felt like sitting in the front row of the big bang in which life forms and living zones are created. The  next level of music and sound attracts  like honey does with bears, it certainly feels as an exciting honor to be that bear drawn to these music.

It is mysterious, futuristic and ancient at the same time. It’s resonating with my own dna and yet I can’t predict anything that comes out of it. It absorbs all the attention, intrigues so much that you forget everything else. You will see that you want to study the phenomenon,  twirl your head and mind around it and rewind the scenes as if it is that favorite mysterious movie that you simply cant have enough from! But its completely different as it’s Dea Karina / Furchick’s Pendhapa! Better go and follow your instincts and check it out! You will be pleasantly flabbergasted as you will be drawn into the previously unexplored, raw birth of life, mysticism, wild and peaceful, raw and soothing and unlike anything ever before!

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