Söll – Cävv

Artist: Söll
Title: Cävv
Keywords: experimental söll adventurous ambient dark ambient Deventer

Sometimes listening to music is not so much like listening to music at all. For example, listening to Cävv by Söll is like the floor of the normal reality being nicely removed straight from under our feet. It is removing the possible bright side of life and making way to spiral kindly into a exciting bleakness of no future

It’s not like the earth has opened up to swallow its listening audience into the volcanic inner cracks, as there is no sign of panic, reasons to scream or being in pain… But still the listening session has something that makes us question if all that we believed in as touchable things is actually real. Hope for a positive ending of it all had gone down the drain, but instead of being sad about it, this place here gives it a meaning of acceptance and relatable beauty.

With Cävv its about pleasantly giving up the control, to see your surroundings morph into somewhere else than your usual habitat with endless possibilities. Things happen here, it’s not a dark pit or a black hole – but something that evolves lucid mathematic rhythm and highly warming melodic mesmerizing content that with each chapter seems to take a different approach, as if you slide through complex different layers of another visual world in which no sunshine prevails. One in which no humans are to screw things up, but enormous emo moods are making up the premises of what your eyes will make the brain believe.

I do feel that the layers have a deep gloomy vibe over it, it is clear that it is more a inwards journey into the ground than one rising up towards a bright big sky for a better future. It is like the emotional dread unrolls itself as a established comfortable world of its own, one to sink and hide away in and feel accepted in a feeling of loss. It is gaining a contempt feeling of emotional doom and that this feeling is pretty charming and pleasant in all its own ways. We aren’t even scared when the earthly demons appear to mumble their ancient underground language into our ears as some how we sank so low in beautiful misery that these voices are more of a welcoming parent who wishes us home, than a devious nightmarish creature that will let us dance in the flames for an eternity.

Here among dread we are safe, welcome and far away removed from those harmful rays of sunlight and cheerful others. If this isn’t the outer world that real emos go after they pass away, than what else could be their designated beautiful heaven of sadness?


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