Crossover & Somn3um (feat. Dan Bowskill) – Walking on the sunshine

Artists: Crossover & Somn3um (feat. Dan Bowskill)
Title:Walking on the sunshine
Keywords: dance
Label: Somn’thing Records

To walk on the sunshine probably means that you are delighted to be alive and are able to walk around happily and free. But in the world of dance music as generated by Crossover & Somn3um, the  so called sunny walk had been more a energetic jogging session on sunny speed. Or maybe more of a hard run while leaving a whole trail of sunshine particles behind every step. It will light up the road and show our inner Hansel and Gretel the way back to wherever we had came from. With a tune like this there is no reason for anyone to get lost as long as we race fast in circles.

Perhaps it’s not even the backdrop for a activity as running, jogging or walking session, but maybe more a sensible set of undeniable dancing on sunshine. I mean with the energy and the train-like-unstopable-club-beat that would easily skip some railstations that nobody would wanted to step in or out from, it certainly has that energetic flow of fast paced body movements that would light up the day in a gloriously healthy and positive way.. I can imagine that it is a difficult task to walk a steady straight line with this music blasting into your inner ears, as at least there must be some involuntary twists or crazy arm and leg movements along the way… crazy body movements that the nearest dance instructor would roll it’s eyes out for. Mind you, this wil be for him or her just a little sign from pure jealousy!

It is the voice of Dan Bowskill who functions as the voice of reason over here, happily positive and ready to convince the hardest critic that even though the fast paced beat, this all could or should be considered as walking on sunshine music. This is against all the running odds, as it is done with outmost convincing strength. In fact, if I close my eyes; I do not necessarily see the sun over here, but I see something much more interesting: a wonderful path of a  golden glowing rainbow, accompanied with bright sparkling stars and plenty of positive glitter. It is the best kind of bridge to step right up on and cross  over as I’m perfectly convinced that when anyone reaches  the other end, all pandemics, troubles and doomed thoughts had been long gone and terminated. 

Which is ofcourse an ideal state of mind in this day and age, one to which you can  finally embrace a slower stroll and indeed happily set one foot after the other and relax in the sunny sunhine without the urge to exercise  like all those tiresome lunatics. Let’s cross that bridge altogether as I’m sure this rainbow is strong enough to carry us all, wether if we dance, crawl, walk or run over it all mass or not. Hell, you could easily roll in sunshine if for any reason you had been in a wheelchair. Music and sunshine simply doesnt discriminate! Even though the sunshine here is secretly a rain bow skill!

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