Furchick – Morning Call

Artist: Furchick
Title: Morning Call
Keywords: experimental, love,

The feeling of opening the door on a pleasant  calm warm day… One with a sunny breeze in which vibrant magpies are gathered for kind chats as they  inspect their own feathers. The kind of morning in which you immediately know that you can keep your slippers on all day, that everything will be okay and that today there will be no worries to wonder about. There is no clock ticking away or a buzzing agenda that tells you to hurry. This is the moment that the world stands still for a bit and you are able to take a break from hectiness, one in which you can breath in and out more love than air. A generous exchange for your lungs, ears and general wellbeing. This kind of feeling is the one we all need to wake up with. It might be not possible all the time, but it is highly recommended to have these morning calls often, even becoming a life goal in which we should do our best in trying to sort out life so much that one day, each and every day could be as soothing and relaxed like this moment in time.

Here in the ray of easiness and no stress it’s a blessing to begin and end the day with. It cures anxious feelings and let us connect to what is really important: nature and us being part of it. Disconnect from all the paperwork hassle that human beings are forcing up to eachother. Here things bling between with a peaceful head among healing gongs, a secret zone in which the eyes are pleasantly pleased with the feathered friends who are gathered in front of your doorstep. In this case the magpies did not come to collect your blinking jewelry as they decided that you, yourself are the shiny wonder that they like to be around by.

With a morning call like this, it’s not a surprise if you started to feel all warm and glowing from the inner core all the way to the outer  ones. Humming humanity sings a song at you in all its personal glory, definiatly wishing you all the special best, as it is calmly setting the mood in which every worry slips and slides off a persons shoulder, just as if it had been a duck with a protective feather coat in which no tear drop could ever get stuck upon.  This feeling, this beautiful morning call is here for you.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day or wether or not the outside world reveals a bleak sky or gloomy snow set; as thanks to Furchick’s love and dedication we can teleport instantly to this calm and kind natural state of mindfulness. There is no harm here, everything is in perfect balance, in a naturally soothing timeless bubble in which you can feel safe and loved in. Here you can lower your shields, switch off your and other people’s egos, take a break from exhaustion and societies expectatioms and just be one in a perfect state of caring healing natural harmony. I wish for the world and all its inhabitants that all mornings would be like this… Life would be so much better!

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