Erin Demastes – Thing Music

Artist: Erin Demastes
Title: Thing Music
Keywords: experimental
Label: Public Eyesore Records

Oh the pretty colours, who doesn’t love or at least doesn’t adore them? There are so many colours available to stare at and be fascinated by. Luckily Erin Demastes chose the best ones over here and made them all into hearable things that the artist than so kindly recorded for pleasure. And what pleasure it is to not just see colour but also to imagine how it looks like as an sound source.

With Pink for example I clearly imagine a crippled strange formed shape that is made out of all kind of forms. Something to really bend your mind on and be bewildered by. Of course these forms  are painted in different shades of  pink teints, but the strange object is of the most intriguing kind in audio form. It clearly is being semi rolled and tossed over the floor while an inner squeek pulls it’s strings like a heartbeat in its inner core. The pink over here is not round even though the artist tries to roll it, creating an vibe of ‘what if the wheels are square’ kind of vibe. It made me happy and I think that is a common thing for all Pink exposures!

Orange purrs in the world of Erin Demastes like a wild happy cat, maybe even perhaps a lioness, as it sounds kinda big. Even though it’s bigness it seems to wade around with its whiskered whiskers in the pipework behind the kitchen sink. A place where surprised orange frogs and buzzing bright orange bugs flap their tiny wiggly asses in the drain, as if it’s a party for warmth and excitement and our feline character simply does not want to miss out on any of it.

Yellow rattles on the ice like . It flushes itseifs down like a fresh coke fountain. It’s all semi attached to a chain that captures a sweet inner voice. If non of this makes any sense to you, you might open up your mind a little wider as apparantly Yellow is more comfortable in complicatedness than you would originally think. Yellow will take a pair of sciccors to make a pretty cut out DIY piece that would even tickle the fancy of a stern art museum visitor. Yellow becomes  abstract and gassy, rattling itself like a snake that will lovingly urinate all over your preconceived ideas of what yellow had been about.

Green is a favorite of mine, especially the green that Erin Demastes cooks up here as it is a colour of fun. It might sound a bit more distant, but imagine  it like some bright green shovels that will dig up a party, full of playgul toots and clown horns. Green is a feast that feels like a birthday of the happily asthmatic kind. Expect no green bogeys here, but lots of joy.

The Blue over here rattles around and around. It does this so well that it simply makes my head go in a nice splendid spin. Everything turnd in fascinating circles, it makes blue into a phenomenon close to the feeling of   rollerblades around on  a turntable. Things are warm and snorting like a excited blue painted piglet that loves to see tape spin. It sure is a thing that you might enjoy.

Purple is in the hands of  Erin Demastes a bit like  drilling a hole with a faithful handdrill in solid hard wood, the kind of material that is simply not made to be penetrated. Things start to be shaken up, brushed like teeth full of purple raisins as other bits and bulbs  rattle and wiggle in this colour spectrum. You will never think of purple ever the same again.

The same with Red, as red here  is like the perfect sound moment of a squeeky bed spring but than underlined for grotesque pleasure. But it doesn’t stop there as Things get more funky and alive, as if the color invited over a great troupe of  tapdancers that meet up with micro bugs that learned how to play their own invented horns as they greatly rattle their  rattles. Eventually Red becomes the thing of Zen, even though it might be hard to imagine if you read this colorful micro report. In any case, if you feel like expanding your mind and view these colors with a complete different perspective: this is the thing for you!

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