Darling Dada – Various Artists – 0.1

Artists: various artists
Title: 0.1
Label: Darling Dada

Oh Darling DaDa, who doesn’t know about you? I certainly hope only a few have this dishonor, as in my micro world your touch of bringing great music out and about has been more known than the origins of the shiny stolen stuff on the english Queens crown. But let’s not talk about the queen, as it’s better to talk about something that gives than anything that just takes, right? so yeah… Darling DaDa! The givers of free music that has been always a success at parties and co. In fact I had been deejaying this stuff, not like deejay triesto, the dead mouse and the nerdy goth guy with the funny haircut, but you know… Like a descent person for nice people on a small scale that appreciate anything Darling DaDa! Although I would never tell… It’s like a good cook who never tells it’s eaters the family recipe.

Now… With the pandemic roaming around like a tropical forest going up in a blaze, I sit at my place and recall those memories of spreading Darling DaDa sounds to the world… And while doing this a strange thing doomed upon me… I never wrote about it, did I?! What’s wrong with me? I even write about the sound that a fresh turd makes when it falls into the toilet bowl… How can I have not written about Darling DaDa?! I guess because I was dancing too much? Spreading the word in a different way? Oh no… It was ofcourse that it wasy little secret… But as most of us are social distancing and there is no place to spin some free mp3 files, why not spoil the beans?

In any case… I found one of the classic Darling DaDa compilations on my craptop and wow… It’s a messy one! Not like a turd messy… but differently messy… The craptop sure is chaotic trash bin in itself with its troubled nonsensical folders in folders in folders in folders non-system and its surface covered with plenty of food stains… But the folder containing the contents of this compilation seems to be a freak show too.. I’m not sure if it’s even complete. It seems that when I downloaded this compilation I was less of a picky person to notice the severely odd way of numbering tracks on this release. I’m sure there is some kind of system behind it, but it certainly seems equally unpractical as the chaos I’m usually capable of creating myself. But I guess that all this has a high charming dada feel and vibe over it. Isn’t that what Dada is all about?

I probably could go online somewhere and maybe download it again, see if my stash had been complete and check if there had been some stuff missing… Or I could just stirr around in this unconventional mess like a true crocodile dundee out to go down in a treasure full of interesting Darling DaDa stuff! Yep… I’ll stick my hand straight in… Oh and I got myself some Bitcrusher, one that crushes the bits as if it’s the bad ass person’s theme music in a gameboy saga. Things are groovy, fancy and dancy as I jump along while pretending to hit my head on the brick ceiling in the hope some magical mushrooms will drop down.. than I fished up another track up, this time I couldn’t see any name or title… I guess I can make one up. I call it Misses Frisky as why the hell not. It has those nice electro rhythm sounds, a bit of acid to bubble around and yeah whatever it is, it certainly falls into my liking to get a proper name tag in the nearby future.

The next thing I dug up was apparently something by Clotaire 1er. A strange name and I fairly doubt if this is rightly written, but what I do not doubt at all is that the thematic music here is awesome. Very lush, synthesizer material that could fit in easily on one of those ‘synthesizer’ hit compilations, while also standing with its head high above all others for being the odd duck out there. I mean it got those fanatical raving beats and even some speedy rap that Mike Oldfield and Vangelis would probably become very uncomfortable with, if it would sit next to their classic materials they would probably puke from jealousy. Oh well, I guess that’s why it’s on Darling DaDa and not on some kind of sell out product of consumerism. Tucked in a Hallmark card.

Next up I fished up ‘The Legend Of Poute’ by Gagoug. Gagoug… It sounds very french, but it would probably sounds even more french if it had an extreme extra e at the end: Gagouge. But I guess that’s not the point. The music goes by as quickly as possible, like a quirky click track  that is happy to be around, giving some extra joyful adventure vibes to whatever you had been feeling previously. A very favorite thing popped up on my next dive in the Darling DaDa realm, nobody less than Gangpol und Mit. I guess Darling DaDa was the actual one that set me on to Gangpol und Mit and since that discovery I had gone on a journey in search for alot more Gangpol und Mit material. Oh I searched and found so much Gangpol und Mit that I doubt humanity could handle it all in a row.  Luckily there is lots around and all are happy, playful and good to enjoy with young kids around while still not feeling like it’s children’s stuff. I don’t feel the need to say alot more as just like Darling DaDa itself, Gangpol und Mit had grown into large legendary proportions in my book. Giants, even! No need to talk much about them as you could see them from miles away! The eiffel tower seems peanuts compared to them.

A new hand in the hat comes out with ‘Don’t Forget Never Me’ which might or might not be from someone named GNG. It’s quirky and fun, sunny and filled with happy loveliness. If this doesn’t make you joyful than I doubt that anything else could do the trick. I mean there is even some kind of funky trumpeter who is clearly feeling it. Pep pep toot toot honk honk…
Next my fingers came out with a track by another one of those fine legends Hassan K. The tune in question is named Xsaitah and has a high arrival kind of theme going on for itself. As if it’s made to be the soundtrack for Hassan k gloriously entering the scene on a enormous horse that might of might not be depicted on the front cover of this compilation. Let’s hope he stays in the saddle and doesn’t end up being trembled by the hooves of this glorious beast.

After this it’s definiatly a random dip in the mixed bag of Darling DaDa goodies, but it certainly is a delicious one. I mean this is one of those tracks that I liked to spin in often as it has those silly irresistibly acid vibes that it would make everyone instantly move and bounce in a way that it’s clearly clear that everybody is enjoying it. Even now, all alone – I could hear my own multiple personalities partying hard with this on. I’d reckon that it’s made by Johnnt Superglue and yes it’s very infectious and once it’s in your ears it probably gonna be stuck there forever! Nicely bubbling and bobbling around …

Suddenly I hold up a shorty by Kania Tieffer, one named Malaise Vagal. Which got the casio scratch pads rocking like a beloved itchy and scratchy show. It has that to the point low fidelity funk mixed with belgian frenchiness that would instantly make you smile like a young puppy. It’s muscular and sweet, like a continuous binge eat season of all that’s good and quirky. I don’t need anybody when listening to this time and strangely it made me stop and rewind this one over and over again. I looked at the gigantic mess of the Darling Dada folder and thought… To be continued in private, over and over again, like a secret stash of goodies that will be forever played when it’s party time, making the party people curious about what this music is and I would never tell… Unless they are readers here, who now know that the best kept secret for a good adventurous time is darling Dada and all its illustrious colorful artists… to be continued at your place?


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