Clara Engel – We are not here

Artist: Clara Engel
Title: We are not here
Keywords: listening music, modern classical, ambient, singer songwriter

I was going for a night walk with the music of Clara Engel’s ‘We are not here’ on my ears. I’m sure I did it before and have a feeling I even wrote something about it on this media somewhere, but hey, here I am doing it again if it isn’t the first time. In any case I was so glad that I did that, as somehow it fitted everything perfectly. Making the street lights a little bit more intense, a bit more dreamy and sparkling than without. At first Clara Engel hit the guitar strokes like a messenger, lighting up a path in front of me with each and every string being strummed. Somehow I imagined fumes of cigarette smoke in the air, clouds coming out of the mouth reflecting nicely with the vibe coming from the street lamps. The mellowness of rough rawness had a certain calm and decorating effect, if any stranger would have cone out of the shadows it would be immediately be made invisible and powerless just by the powers of this music. It opened up the road and made sure that there would nothing nasty in the way. It made me believe I was wearing comfy boots that could kick if needed. Strong music that made the evening a better looking one.

This was certainly a continuous vibe as after it decorating my evening street walk, it someone made a wonderful appearance of a shed… I don’t know where it came from but it was an old fashioned one. One that was rather lonely, standing on its own with a roof made out of hay. It seemed like the place in which something holy and pure must have been glowing inside. The music by Clara Engel steamed around it like a glow of light that would made an unreligious person become aware that there might be something more to it than what meets the eye.

A thing that got more confirmed as the evening walk went on as I stumbled  upon the sight of an unexpected lake. Clara Engel made it clearly look appealing, it’s cool surface, the flatline of the water, the calm surrounding of nothing else around and the curious curiosity of the vibe that there would be millions of simple forms of life swimming underneath it’s surface, just waiting to be discovered one day… I started to wonder off with my thoughts… Did I really had been gone for an evening walk while listening to this music by Clara Engel, or had i been still at home with my eyes closed as the music had the power to take me out without even the need for any movement of the legs?

But as thoughts drifted away, the sceneries changed again and suddenly Clara Engel made an entire gorgeous forest appear. With trees waving politely in a warm breeze, it’s green and red hairs twinkling like light-breakers that would let the beams of the stars and the moon shine through on all the right occasions. It was beautiful and wonderous & suddenly it just didn’t matter much if this was real, imagination or simply a visionary dream as created by this album. All that I wanted was here, placing me under a nice spell that had all the warmth of the world in one, clearly a place without any other strangers around, making it one to lower the shields of self protection, ready to enjoy and observe anything that had gone in front of me.

And what had appeared eventually was Clara Engel herself, like a angel with a voice that silenced me and all of my thoughts,  making me completely in awe of Clara singing in such a crystal clear voice a warning what would happen when the spell of this all would break. With a shimmering drone on the back her warning shined like a sorcerer into my head, slight panic in the back of my brain as she announced that she was a pretender and only real in my eyes, a thing that I simply refuse to believe, but something that intrigued me and kept me on my toes nonetheless. Thing is, I didn’t wanted this spell to break, I did not wanted this evening walk (real or not!) To end .. I just wanted this realm of Clara Engel to be here, real and freely available  to roam around in forever. If this spell would break I would immediately grab the rolls of tape and super glue to mend it!

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