Terbeschikkingstelling – Trøpix Döndûr

Artist: Terbeschikkingstelling
Title: Trøpix Döndûr
Keywords: experimental abstract improvisation avantgarde d.i.y. freak sousaphonics jazzpunk lo-fi noise non music tropical madness Groningen
Label: Kermesse Records

Terbeschikkingstelling starts this work like a bowel syndrome that is of the most wanted kind. You can hear the inner bubbles of its delighted oxygen intake and it’s ability to be blown out through ‘dikke bertha’ , a nice horn instrument that needs to be played by a real individual who is kind and close to its heart to deliver its candid sounds. Hear it toot, feel it gurgling and imagine the neighbors faces of pure delight when they hear this material coming loudly through their thin walls. Photo frames are falling down from their respective nails; do they want to break free and dance, or are they trying to end their lives as the loveless flies on a wonder wall?

And all these exciting miniature happenings aren’t surprising as when this turbulent air-play excursion hits you, it’s basically taking over the silence and you either go with it or are doomed to feel like you are on the love boat with a trigger happy captain who just can’t stop blowing the ship’s fog horn. Just imagine the madman grinning at the wheel. At times it’s for sure intimidating and at other times it feels definiatly as if it’s a jubilent party in which the horny player blows its generous sousaphone joyous and free. It is at those times that the horrid days of pandamic madness disappear like a tax invader who spots a tax collector at the door. Full passion the honking toots deliver an true escape, generating the best feast on the planet. But if you aren’t the party pooper, you surely will be met with caring kindness too. As somehow the tooting feels like an emotional rollercoaster that has a whole broadway show to execute in its wonderful lonely and unique ways.

Feel free to easily skip the festivities and be soaked into a intimate session of rattling anxious social frameworks performed by a performers passionate lung capacity and it’s beloved receiving and ever giving instrument. Terbeschikkingstelling simply doesn’t have a middle mode and easily jumps from freeing party vibe to the intimate zone, one that blows like an animal all out of breath, or comes across as if it’s a rare critter tip-towing it’s nails all over the linoleum of a family home that it somehow been misplaced in.

From right to left or left to right this elephant horn sound is coming at us, somehow comforting us with all its sensual breaks of honest lunacy. You might at times think that you are dealing with a elephant who is into playing the didgeridoo or simply just erase all your thoughts and go with the unusual but casual flow that Terbeschikkingstelling seems to have. Who needs books like Alice in wonderland if you can have this sousaphone to break through your personal looking glass? The magic of listening to a person who is truly letting go, who makes love with his instrument in the hand, against the mouth; blowing it full lust and dedicated passion.

It seems at times that the horn is asking questions and at other times it’s fully confident honking away the answrs in a state of amazement and surprised surprise. It farts, it blows, it intimidates in all its epic ways of single handed entertainment. It kinda turns me on, making it difficult to type these words as the horny bit of horn sounds are simply bringing some kind of xtc to the listening brain that makes the blood flow down to the erogenic zones. No more need for viagra and all its health risks, but also no more need to go to see drama shows being performed, no more need to play music if you have the luck to live to generous music listeners who blast out this Trøpix Döndûr through their sound systems, also no more need for expensive and dangerous holidays – as this tropical mix of Volker making love to Dikke Bertha is simply the one way ticket to horny bliss with all its multiple chapters of lives guilty pleasures.

Don’t want to blow too much Terbeschikkingstelling’s horn, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do! Toot toot pep pep!

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