Motor Combo – Polo

Artist: Motor Combo
Title: Polo
Keywords: experimental barcelona dada dadá electronic electropop eli gras experimental florenci salesas improvisation la olla express motor combo pop surrealismo Barcelona
Label: Ass. Cult. La Olla Express

Motor Combo’s Polo might be a album out of 2012, but if you had never heard it before (and you forget this information) it’s one that sound as good and freshly new as any flower that pops up out of the ground nowadays. But I wouldn’t write about any of these flowers, especially not when they are secretly a bit older and wiser than the absolute fresh ones if they aren’t really something special.

Polo by Motor Combo is that kind of flower that you really shouldn’t miss out on as it’s such a delightful melodic fun paradise, it has so much love and details without being fully stacked to make you feel all confused, dare I say that it’s kinda perfect?  It’s one of those fine balanced flowers that if you had been a fly in search for some nectar, you would have no problem to deeply stick your whole head in. Suck and sniff it up little winged friend, welcome to a worthwhile new addiction.

Motor Combo had simply everything and there is no need or possible urge to chew it all out for you and feed it with my spit as if you are a baby bird. It’s one of those ones that you just need to check out yourself, you just got to know it’s there and the music will do the rest. It’s like a honeytrap and you being the one seduced. Once you have one bit of it, it just goes from one perfect peddle into the next. The sounds and style hang together while each bit is absolutely unique and originally independent from each other.

I have a hard job saying what the style is, but let’s say it’s Motor Combo style. Can’t go wrong there, can we? There is a absolute fragrance of pop in there, which makes it very nice for when you are a sucker for pop. But it’s done in such a cool and lowbrow way that even though you never like those riff raff break rhyme bridge kind of concepts, you will be still be drawn in with all these fun freaky cute sounds that are executing them. Sometimes a synth farts lovelingly sweet and at other times you hear a string instrument to blend it all together.

Vocals, melodies, moods, trippy, fun, wobble bass and danceable rhythms are for sure a nice blend to keep you more entertained than any movie. Because of being so diverse and yet so together you almost feel like you have attended a carnaval parade in which every tune a contestant parades by you will be happily pleased to see and hear how well they did their best to shine. Motor Combo is one of those beauties that has managed to have no fillers and is yet absolutely filled with music. 23 songs, one hour long and 2 minutes of excellent entertainment.

Highly recommend material as even if you had sat through the entire bunch, relistening the whole thing over and over again will probably never hit that breaking point of ‘nah, I heard it before’ as each bit of detail, each Melody, sounds… it’s filled with attention and love that can clearly be heard, making this flower one that you might not need to give water and still will flourish, never dries out and light up your day – any day!

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1 Response to Motor Combo – Polo

  1. Eli Gras says:

    Thanks a lot for this review! Is a fantastic surprise to read it 🙂
    A hug from Motor Combo!

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