Myrtle / Mantle / Mathilde / Linder – Rush Hours (Oct – Jan)

Artist: Myrtle / Mantle / Mathilde / Linder
Title: Rush Hours (Oct – Jan)
Keywords: experimental chicken coop free improvisation harsh dad sound poetry suburban noise life Olympia WITCHFORK

Buck Buck Buck BUGGARCK!?! It’s an album made by chickens, which is right up our coop here at YIKIS. Dusty Mantle, purveyor of fine noise in the genre of #HarshDad, has been at it again. Recording every morning when the doors were opened and featuring a fancifowl collection of expressions utilising only such sound-making methods immediately available:

Myrtle (chicken): Vocals (high), percussion (feet)

Dusty Mantle (human): Vocals (low, sniffing), percussion (door locks, footsteps, water tin)

Mathilde (chicken): Vocals (guttural), percussion (feet), brass (October only)

Linder (chicken): Vocals (squawk), percussion (feet)

Also featuring: Rain (all); crows (all); W. Dog (January only).

For those of you city slickers trapped in your chicken coop apartments and in need of some howdys from your country cousins, give this EP a whirl! We especially love Mathilde’s death growl, it’s just what we need to get us out of bed in the morning and out into the yard.
It’s always RUSH HOUR when you’re listening to this peice of hen-picked joy! If you’re longing for some hustle and bustle, blast this in your headphones:


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