Zack Dolin – Dawn of Claymation

Artist: Zack Dolin
Title: Dawn of Claymation
experimental ambient computer music drone electronic midi new age prog progressive progressive electronic progressive electronica synth vaporwave vgm videogame Fairfax
Label: Ingrown

Oh how cute, the spunkiness that this funk mini show of this album contains is simply coming out to greatly greet us like a mouse from the  eighties who is just too smart for the cat to be caught. You can just see it wiggle its tail happily in its tiny spandex costume, you can imagine its smile under a fashionable sweaty headband.  The mouse isnt there dancing for nothing, as it surely likes cheese and the music is pretty much the best cheese for the ears. It got that high retro feel as if it had been formenting for years in between the safe walls of a electronic synth producer’s hidden attic.

Who can resist squeezing it in the cheesy cheeks? Who doesn’t want to take out the video camera and tape it all onto a vhs tape? The retro sound is like a game for the heart in which fake trumpets are bringing a solid celebration, a place where cheekiness is good willed and well spirited. ‘Frank Zappa at its worst’ is taking notes as this music plays, scribbling it all down while obviously putting crumbs of this material into its mustache for later references. His face curiously red from potential jealousy.

With all the fade outs in this lethal production of cheese fun, we certainly get the idea of listening to multiple micro parties that will just go on and on behind many closed doors. To think of mice in the wall partying like musicology maniacs who dare to go a little berserk as they snort the festive feet-cheese through their tiny nose holes, really speeding the melodic madness up like the greatest form of classical middle finger music, but than with much more dare to just go quirky in all its berserk style of pure funniness.

It isn’t hard to imagine the parties, the wiggling whiskers and their tiny feet hopping over midi keyboards as they show off their beautiful wildly haired composer wigs. It is a feel good celebration and with all their energetic joy it is clear that there is enough of this jolliness to be shared with anyone.. even if you are a hungry cat, you might be dancing from one paw onto the next. I guess cheese-fest never sounded so good! Yum yum, big up for radical melodies!

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