Cultum Draculesti – Antigone The Martyr

Artist: Cultum Draculesti
Title:  Antigone The Martyr
Keywords: black metal, doom, doom metal
Label: Grimalkin Records

Enter the darkness, duck down as flocks of hungry bats are flying low over your head while you toss away that garlic around your neck giving to you by your concerned friends… you don’t need this kind of smelly protection, because once you are in this atmosphere it is obvious that you want to be here, ready to ettle down into your own corpse and become one within the powers of a wonderful hell. In this underground state of mind you will not want to be unattractive for a possible encounter with the handsome sounding undead. They might come at you and you will want nothing more than having a bite mark in your neck instead of the standard artist autograph… it might be a ticket to long living, a life in the continued space of forever flowing around in the potent sound of death and decay, a place that you can rest in and live at the same time & find a acceptable home in with loving friends that just like you – can’t stand daylight.

The music fills up every night,  the smell of fresh moldy graveyards is like a parfume of beautiful doom that you love to sniff up, it generated a bleak fantastic space in which you wont have to protect your eyes from all the annoying rays of hurtful sunlight. As the wasted vocal chords, beautifully decaying in a living corpse of unbeatable energy, simply show us that this is our new home & here we can all be as one, together in a clouded fuzzy state of wonderful doom. You can hear the realness, the passion, the ultimate hellfire of creation burning. Each note, each voice burning into your soul as if it’s a twisted ear worm that will never let you go!

Here everyone is highly allergic to vitamin D, but no one is allergic to the powers of wild electrifying music.. With hard strikes similar as thunder, the electric gloom is being played here  like jimmy hendrix full of blood thirstiness. It might be weird to feel so much alive in this underworld of sound, but it comes over as one of the few spaces to lower your shields & just be free as a bat. There is no Ozzie here to bite your head off, this is a perfect safe space to seclude from the idiocy of everyday society.

Their individuality might be up for gothic galore, but trust me, when entering this realm of darkness you feel like a virgin that just wants to stay here and join the batcave crew forever until eternity. It is one of the few places you are welcome, as wherever you come from – all blood donations are equally welcome within this community stream of consciousness. Here we twirl around the pretty graveyard stones, admire eachothers coffins and get all hyped up as we fly up to scare the living shit out of anyone with bad minds and wrong hateful intentions.

This zone created here by Cultum Draculesti is one that you feel like its one to stick around in, a place of cold warmth and burning hellish flames and eternal living possibilities. Here we can totally be absorbed as new found children of the night, totally embrace a state of forever young and be totally respected among eachother. This is the sound of the graveyard in which it painfully underlines that in the end we are all wanted to be one, accepted and understood. Listening to Antigone The Martyr is like embracing the fact of you being different and having no problem at all with this fact, as here you are one as an individual, full of that glamorous vampire spirit and more importantly; one with the music!

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