datewithdeath – Thrush Urn

Artist: datewithdeath
Title: Thrush Urn
Keywords: electronic drag dub experimental hip hop industrial techno thrum United States
Label: Poverty Recordings

I wished that I had been drinking tons of  alcohol in order to see not one but two aphex twins. But sober and in full consciousness, I can conclude that I don’t see double and that even in singular vision there is no aphex twin in sight. That is nothing to worry about, as even if a single aphex twin was here I doubt that I could hold his hand and show him around the imagined booze garden. Not only because it is all imagined, but also because it’s those pandamic days in which holding hands is banned to flower circles deep down into the hippy age. Besides it must be a mutual thing, right? Fine! No intoxicating liquid, no holding hands with either one or two aphex twins… So what do we do now to kill the time, being all sober and all that? In any case it’s good to drop names, it is what proffesional critics do in the music buzz… Maybe this is a good moment to drop some other names too? Uh… Abba…?

Oh yes, I know what I could do instead! I could tell you about the epic twin that probably (not to my knowledge at least) isnt a real twin, but its skills definitely counts for two… The name?  datewithdeath. Yep. That is the name, one to remember and one that feels great enough to hold both hands with, even in these pandamic days, after all: it gets us closer to the experience of having a real date with death. And that might sound like gallows humor, it definitely is not. Or at least it isn’t intended as such… Let’s shake hands on that! So let’s wipe all nonsense aside, as I totally dig datewithdeath, an artist that has no problem to be approachable and one who makes very (how to the hipsters say it?) Sick music. So sick, it might fill up buckets!

When the popular twin is mostly all fancy with melodies and all that stuff, our down to earth datewithdeath focusses on the essential basics; rhythm and sound & the combination of them both. Think of dance material that is a bit more in the expert regions of experiment. Frankenstein in a down to earth music studio. if you might put it in a box, I would say it’s one that feels easy to understand, yet has that brainy bit that keeps itself naughty, adventurous and not really wanting to be contained in a box at all.. how naughty! Oh yes, people call it intelligent stuff probably too, although everyone clearly hates that word, so I should find a different one to replace it with. Let’s say we replace intelligent with wonkybonkyplonky.

Yes, datewithdeath makes great wonkybonkyplonky electronic music over here, stuff without all the fancy melodies, cause you know – sometimes less is more! Some people say that it’s not the size that matters, it is what you do with it… that kind of thing, eh? Maybe that sounds weird and random, but in the context of this release it means that with a few classy sounds you can create a very entertaining thing. And yes,  even though melodic material will make most geeks shit their pants from how incredibly well designed it all is, sometimes we just can’t deal with all those smells of shattered underpants… And then datewithdeath comes in handy .. besides it’s not that hard to understand, you don’t need to be a fanatic freak or a self hitting autechre fan to follow what this artist does & you know what? That makes a datewithdeath so comfortable and easy approachable. A low key choice that respects you no matter what your business is.

I mean melodies are our friehds, but you know sometimes it is more handy and dandy to just stick with the most needed basics, the act of not overdoing things, the decency of not fancying around in a flamboyant costume in a sparkling trail of ‘look I’m the modern flamingo of music composing’, but more diy hobo style without star allure & still being absolutely awesome. Yes, datewithdeath doesn’t come at us over in a suit stepping on the red carpet, but the artist  goes straight from the underclass bins of the poverty zone and turns the cards upside down in order to proof that you don’t need a lot to be epically awesome. In other words; to get the job done. Which job that is might be open for debate, but lets say that it works.

Making electronic music to dance upon, while also staying true to a playful authentic wonkybonkyplonky style, is simple and simply all you need to enjoy yourself. Crazy as that might be, I discovered that because the lack of melodies, the music has a much higher replay value than shitloads of other releases in the electronic world, as you maybe imagine melodies yourself, but also because the material keeps on changing enough to make you discover new things, even if that might sound weird, especially if you think of how stripped down and to the point it all should be ‘officially’.

In any case, while being sober and still having a mind open to hear some material on repeat, than this Thrust Urn by datewithdeath is the kind of thing that swings in the ear like the rightful recommendation for any electronic lover in drastic need for good things. You don’t want to think too much, but you still don’t want to be numb all the way too… The right candidate for all who is sick of all the unnecessary accessories and see through the non existent clothes of the emperor.

To top it off, the colorful entourage of datewithdeath is also holding themselves strong in balance with their friend its wonkybonkyplonky style. Individuals with names like Teen Smoking, Jukka-Perka Kervinen, ‘all the stores are dead closed’ and the legendary mhzesent all play around with full on respect to the original  datewithdeath track. None of them steps in the unneeded realms of melodic baloney, all honor the tune and knit away in the fantastic style of freaking out with the material nearby at the hand that feeds them.

In the end it feels like a very fun collaborative ep that can be spinned for many hours on end & I’m not so sure if I would have that similar experience with material that is all out to impress in all its melodic musicology. So who needs twins or booze, when we can be drunk and happy on a stripped down to the point date with datewithdeath and friends? Proving that you don’t need much (the essential plus some creative friends) to make a really fun dance EP that can be played on repeat while not being bored, annoyed or displeased. Maybe this weird write up does all these things though, hitting all these boxes…but hey, that’s a whole new story: A good reason to listen to the music Instead!

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