Various Artists – Poverty Electronics Vol. 6

Artists: various
Title:  Poverty Electronics Vol. 6
electronic ambient drone dub electro experimental field recording hip hop improvisation industrial noise techno thrum United States
Label: Poverty Electronics

A compilation… where do you start? Let’s say the beginning? Ok. Let us try and roll with the rules and dip in at the start and tell you what is happening over here apparantly there is Sergei Tumanov who brings the poverty bunch to the greater outside. There we are surrounded by the pretty birds that sing and do their thing as Sergei clearly delivers its own kind of sound contribution to these sounds of nature.

Think of noises, hiss, and crunchy frequencies that are skipped and zapped through as if its a bird of a strange and mechanical robot order. Why not? We got robot dogs, why not have robot noise birds? The fun part is that even though being so different than the birds chatter, it sits perfectly well among them, becoming somehow one with the wind between the trees and all those pretty singers that are doing their thing so nicely high above. Isn’t it great? It makes me want to sing and whistle! Tweet tweet tweet ghhhghhhh sssshhhh

In any case with this it feels as if Sergei Tumanov brings human life to this bit of the outdoors and with every step it’s a blessing to follow. No need to toss breadcrumbs behind us as it feels that the noise maker is fairly clear and familiar in mowing the right paths to walk over here. We won’t get lost, but just be a little bewildered, that’s all. In any case it’s good to get some substitute of fresh air and the great outdoors.

Also datewithdeath rattles and shakes like a jolly funderground opener of futuristic delights. Isn’t it marvelous? I think it is, as I loved this mechanical but so much that I had to catapult it as an opener, splashing you these sounds in the face like a fresh splattering shower that will wake you up with a wet look. Isn’t that what life is all about? There is something fresh and watery, without having to actually shower. Nice! We can be dirty and clean at the same time! like a robot dance that loves to breakdance upside down on a sweet puddle of slippery oil. It’s short, it’s full; it’s a spectacle! Or at least it’s something neath to write about.

Mandatory Message than takes over with a robotic friendly bit of cowbell and woodblock worthy vapor rock. The vocoder singing is pumped with sentiment and the glitchy vibes are outer worldly, as if it’s single handidly making up for the breakup of Daft Punk by slidding in a more grown up version. Oh can you feel that robot soul? Can you feel the love? It fits like a glove? A glitchy glove, but still not glitched out enough to not hold that cowbell firmly. It has that emotional touch, enough to make the lube slip out of the mechanical eyes, it is fully embracing the melodical dance music as if it fully embodied the source code for how to have a heart and soul, even if you are made out of tin! Daft punk? Who? The underground is here to save your sentimental ass!

What follows is MaterialXyz who delivers a real beauty for people ( or droids) to gather behind in enjoyment. You could probably classify it as ambient, although it feels much more special to me. Like an originality that highly dips the eccentric fingertips in the blessings of experiment, ones that arent afraid to type out a ‘hello’ while not sounding at all like a Lionel Richie. Words are there to speak to you, no idea what they say, but it feels warmly muffled, upfront and personal. Almost making me feel obliged to take out a mouth harmonica and jam along, although that is of course totally unnecessary. The music or sound show us fully full and commited to entertain you in all the truest experimental senses of the word. This is no flaky business, no bad shit labeled as a experiment, but a truly unboxed showcase of out of the box material. Pretty fun especially if you realize that this kind of thing is hard to do these days.

But that’s why we have poverty recordings, as look and listen to Lärmschutz. How cool is this shit? It feels like space music from an unknown alien planet, shooting frequently rockets in and out in the air, while also traditionally playing electric alien music to eat your unknown made strangeness with. It is exciting, it has that same effect of going on a lunacy journey in which noise proofs itself to be a hot item that breaks through the oppressive boundary of being dark, gloomy, painful and nasty. No this material is happy noise, it got that excitement of discovering a new alien nation and all their odd traditions, like an odd accidental explorer.

Talking about odd accidental explorers, our good friend {AN} Eel is here. Balancing around on the sound of a scrap yard ballerina, tiptoeing over radical industrial jazz, with plenty of mental nose galore, coming over out of a form of true expression, bringing melodic wonders along as the artist flutes and vocally burst out like an emotional volcano with a brilliant new found own language in its owb back pocket. As things to on, they sounds more and more tropical and inviting, as if the artist offers you a hand to parade in a tutu all over the dreamscape of rubbish ready for recycling. And why the hell not? Here we can be free and nobody will laugh at ya!

brunk follows with the soothing layers of relaxing material. You will feel enlightenment, but also excitement in the air. It is those kind of strings that will work on your senses to mystify you as they work on your back like determent masseuses that will revitalize you as a being. Yes it’s nice to be treated well, but also to be kept in a aware state of mind, not being bored to death, but just get that little power nap without passing out and become groggy. It’s a nice quick fix that ultimately make you ready for the epic sound of Terbeschikkingstelling.

Who could have done a better job over here by blowing it’s horn and spread your ears and eyes wide open with every blow? In this state also this artist friend takes us out in the street, not so much into nature, but for a nice hilarious walk in the local traffic. Cars might drive by as our steps gets larger than life, but no police whistle or car claxon can squeeze out Terbeschikkingstelling’s best tooting performance to date. It will blow away the houses of all the three piglets and the wolf would have enough meals to share with his or her own friends and family. How kind is that? Very kind!

Now you might think that this should be enough to blow out the entire compilation, but nope; there is KR Seward. Thank goodness as imagine if it all was over and done, how sad this moment would have been… I don’t even want to think of it. Luckily the collage if electric bubbling synthetic layers of friendly electronics are there to delete any attempt of sobbing tears away, creating some kind of prettiness that keeps a listener on its toes, grabs them by the ears for a full on exposure of the previously unheard and unfelt. We fly and flow like insects that are just new to the surrealism of the world and the bodies that they are in. It’s an adventure of pleasantries that like most on this lovely poverty collection: keeps it together in exciting thrills.

DJ ANY WAY just totally gets my drift with the dreamy message music that starts to pop out now. It is a all overwhelming gassy sound sedative, full mysterious mystique, music accents and big floaty harmonics. It is as if you are hearing the sound track of one these very rare movies that are worth to be watched. There are the moments that you sit on the edge of your seat, the times that you completely forget to place new popcorn into your mouth, just because you are too busy wondering what the f you are digging it in a virtual viewable audio way.

mhzesent brings the right sentimental dramatic soundtrack for a saddened time in which all the cats that we know had been dead. A tear jerking idea in which mellowness gives us the crunchy shoulder to squeeze out our tears upon. This goes on like music that feels as dusty as the inner parts of a urn full of cremated felines. It’s a touchable reason to sink within the loss of earth’s beloved domesticated pet without including a single meow. Grab the tissues and embrace the music as our only memory of the good old cat infested happy days.

But we don’t go out all teary as 80’s Horns will provide the perfectly edged twinkling sparkles to feel like we have totally arrived at a very pleasant happy ending. One in which a spontaneous jungle of new life is growing, happily, peaceful and full of new born life… Maybe even cats! There is so much love over here, so many days of light and freshness that it feels as if we have not only reached the end of this compilation, but also pretty much made it into paradise.

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