Forest Robots – Times When I Know You’ll Watch The SkyTimes When I Know You’ll Watch The Sky

Artist: Forest Robots
Title: Times When I Know You’ll Watch The Sky
Keywords: ambient ambient ambient pop classical drone electronica idm jazz meditation synthwave California

Believe me or believe me not. But I have been listening to forest robots. You might have difficulties picturing them in your mind, let alone them making music. But trust me, I heard forest robots music on repeat and even though I’m aware of having a creative vivid mind, I would not imagine music that these forest robots have been feeding my ears and equally by humanoid brain. I don’t care much how forest robots look like, but the music has given me an unbiased love for them, so much so that I had to start up my own machinery and type this stuff in order to hopefully share it with the unaware individuals out there. Cause it would be really selfish if I would keep listening to forest robots on my own. Not that I’m the only listener, but you know, in my own lock down world I kindly am.

So what can I say about this specific music by forest robots? I guess that it suits the name in all respectful ways, it takes the best of nature, as we can hear birds becoming rhythmic instruments and pretty melodies flowing out like true natural happenings. This all is still tight and mechanical in a way that it indeed might make a person think of a robotic precision. I really seem to dig this combo, one in which natural elements like water are fitted in with the straight edged mathematical melodic happenings that feels calculated and programmed to the max, yet has a fresh lovely liveliness to it. It makes me think of neatness, of material that can be annalyzed and enjoyed by biologists and lab technicians, as well as anyone else that loves structure with a natural robotic preciseness. But aside all of this, it’s just very lovely music to hear, as otherwise I couldn’t explain why it had been playing it in my playlist for days now. Heck, I got lost within it for days.. weeks maybe…

In fact I have been listening to it while stepping around in a forest and have to say that it made everything nicer than it already was. It is indeed a perfect soundtrack for such forest explorations, which made me wonder if this would be the ideal soundtrack for when walking through a robot testing space. Unfortunately such places are seemingly harder to get into than a forest, but with a bit of imagination it wasnt hard to simply imagine being there while this music kindly boasts itself as the ideal back drop.

And so there I walked for many days around in my own head, hearing forest robots while getting physically lost in an actual forest and mentally in a super sonic robot testing ground. Only waking up from this special state of music enjoyment when the long playing battery of my music provider said ‘no’ and ended it all. It was a real eye opener although I would have preferred to have kept them closed with my ears peeled and the music on repeat…

I was indeed a little bit upset and surprised, as waking up from being truly captivated by this music of forest robots for days had been severely pleasurable, although I had been completely dried out from thirst and hunger… How many days I had been ‘away’ in this music of the album ‘Times When I Know You’ll Watch The Sky’? It’s hard to tell or to figure out… It didn’t really matter anyway as I felt it couldn’t be long enough!

I wanted to go back home, charge up my music device, eat, drink and post this post & than get quickly back into the music of forest robots again… It’s sublime and makes the time simply come  to a pleasant stand still. And believe me, as long as there is shit going on, I prefer to hide away in the music world of forest robots… As a matter of fact: I’m heading there now again! See you later (maybe!)

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