Ishtar Sr. – Technomancers

Artist: Ishtar Sr.
Title: Technomancers
Keywords: hip-hop/rap philadelphia r&b rap abstract hip-hop afrofuturist art pop dance electronic experimental r&b future pop hip-hop pop rap Philadelphia
Label: Grimalkin Records

The sound of Ishtar Sr. is magically appearing in the shape of technomancers, a crew of tough martial arts futurists that come from out of nowhere, a group that are simply delighted to pin you to the wall as they expose to you their glowing navels like the irresistible belly dancers that they are. You will be blinded in their perfection, covering your eye sight with stunning color and a attitude to kill for. Yes, when technomancers arive the mood changes rapidly. In fact your whole surrounding might change style and look. As things are highly futuristic over here, so modern that you could see it as a modern day Tron-like future in which these technomancers occupy every corner, they are like sensual soldiers that ride heavy synth basslines and sadle up on rampantly wild rattling beats like there is no other. They are the dominators and everyone else is just a speck of dust in their shadow.

It isn’t a question of being able to resist them or not, as when technomancers come down withtheir surprise technique, it kindly feels as if you instantly have to lower your senses and let them get away with you. As if they are trained in blatant martial arts and specialized in a art of social overwhelming, a thing you could feel as a knock out  with their tough aura radiations and upper blasts from joyful muscle techniques, these figurines of the future are at it right now as they have been clearly traveling space and time to bring the sound of the next millennium into the one that happens right now. You can’t and don’t want to run away when technomancers like these pop up in all their magnificent glory.

Spacemen might be drinking petroleum at the bar, they know that they can’t overlook the technomancers as they pump up the volume and make them ready to voluntarily empty their pockets in the hope to see and hear more from where they had come from…
And indeed the technomancers rock out hard and bang their heads as they dance around like bewildering hot spectacles that wouldn’t seem out of line in a blade runner movie. It is indeed worth a fortune to watch these strong beauties slay the boredom of the day away. With their prettiest glam, theit sensual muscles and the toughest mouths in the universe they pickpocket you all out of attention. Their beats so dope, their bass so hard; you will just want to climb up a high mountain and ask for surrender. Hoping that Ishtar Sr. Will pop up with an alien aircraft, beam you in and let you live a happily gorgeous life under technomancer control. We could only dream… And wish this fantasy was all real! But trust me… This music is real!

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