Else Marie Pade – Electronic Works 1958-1995

Artist: Else Marie Pade
Title: Electronic Works 1958-1995
Keywords: electronic, avant garde, experimental

Else Marie Pade brings us on a journey through her electronic works made in 1858 to 1995. I guess we could ask uncle Google to spot out more information about this artist, but let’s be an alternative in the information age and just be an idiot for idiots sake. Brainless and without a notebook full of clues and missing out on  a printed out curriculum vitae of Else Marie Pade, we could and should still be able to listen to all this, as it’s pretty damn interesting for the ears and the mind, even without being informed about the legend who made it. I can just sense that she is danish, probably from Aarhus. I can also smell that she is from the Karl Heinz Stockhausen school of arts and if I listen very well I can clearly picture the artist spitting on the nazis in war time… See, no google is needed, you just need to open your ears and listen and you are able to pick up all kinds of information. I also sensed that Else Marie Pade had gone to the after life, but I can clearly picture her there as she continues her music experiments over there whole also slightly giving thumps up about this attempt to write something about a amount of intriguing stuff she left us behind.

For once, these electronics are taking up the whole ‘is it music or is it noise’ question in all their might and glory. It totally provide no reasonable answers to this age old question and that personally makes me love it even more. But what’s not to love? With sounds that vibrate and ring the inner ears as if they are made for it, this collection certainly conquers my attention. With these frequencies that are formulating incredible sceneries you can feel easily as if you had turned on your old tv set and suddenly saw captain kirk and friends overacting on a alien planet. It is those environmental soundtracks that can easily be the backdrops of many alien mystic places,keeping you on the edge of your seat whenever the whole old school startrek crew had been beamed down for a fine explorative mission. I hope you are not the security officer dressed in a red shirt… but other than that I don’t hear no problematic drama within all this. These are the good hearted we come in peace missions, there are no dangers here, but lots of unknown bits of excitement at each and every corner, mystifying it all for a great workout of thrill.

But let’s forget startrek as it might be a  little lame joke that nobody should be comfortable about. So beam me up Scotty! as in fact this material seems so much better then all of that. It is more the music for Faust, or other big happenings that are hard to cook up the perfect soundtrack for. It’s no problem at all for Else Marie Pade though! As a soundtrack for Dr Who it would be nice, but as a stand alone collection without graphic and visual content it’s probably much more enjoyable and mind blowing. As when you listen, you get simply lost within it all. You will be like ‘where am I?’ at certain times.. 

Voices of an occult movement might suddenly accompany these tones, a surreal sound show that slide through the speakers, kindly overwhelming and overruling even the toughest thoughts of the highest music critic with its nose normally firmly tucked between its own ass cheeks. Maybe their nose might now be blocked  their ears are still very open and exposed, perfectly ready to hear the electronically designed weather that Else Marie Pade had created with her machines. You can hear the surreal wetness, the recreation of thunder that prepares us for a storm that comes nearer and nearer, only to be replaced by more ringing modulation sounds that might hit the secret high notes needed to break the glas vases in grand mother her cupboard. Dogs might whistle and howl along if they had been listening in  with you, but you won’t hear them barks as these excellent soundtracks will be mind controlling your head in such an order that all you hear is wonders. The wonders of Else Marie Pade.

Think of rattling strange sensations coming fron tonal tones that might suit the more adventurous meditation practicers under us as a sound track to relay on. Think of losing track in time, completly mind boggling your senses away as this material sets out time and time again to strangely teleport you to unexpected places. Yes, Things are strange over here, but everything seems to grow in such a prospect that the strangest noise music simply becomes the newly established normal. You might think… oh no avant-garde or The kind of material that will captivate your attention by non conforming ways, but they effectively hook you up to the speakers as if you are a fresh caught fish that is quicky been fished out of the water, tumbling in a foreign place other than your usual habitat, yet are still somehow familiar with it all.

Dangling on the fine line of enjoyment and captivating interest. Things ploink and plink like smooth lines of water drips with enough sparkles to widen up your iris. Things play like electronic breaths that give life to the silence, that shovel around the furniture of vibrating sounds with great expense, leaving you in a state of mind that is equally reached when listening to the soundtrack of a strange movie in which you feel disoriented and yet firmly at home. If you pay attention you can hear that Else Marie Pade had been in the resistance, had been putting Denmark on the map with her electronic sounds and lived a very full and interesting life, a sensation that fully comes out as a characteristic style that is unique, smooth, rebellious, intriguing and very much out there… Ready to be rediscovered, learned from and inspired by! Much respect to Else Marie Pade, may she rest in peace, but her experiments live on forever! Live long and prosper, mister spock would say!

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