Ohsaurus – Where to Go When Home is Gone

Artist: Ohsaurus
Title: Where to Go When Home is Gone
Keywords: ohsaurus pop cassette sunup recordings tape where to go when home is gone United States
Label: Sunup Recordings

Where to go when home is gone by Ohsaurus’ gives us a bit of hope, as apparantly this is the kind of uplifting album you could run away in no matter what, you will have no problem here to find a happy shelter within these old school 2012 electronic vibes. They are normally very wrong when they say that in the old days things had been better, but in this case it’s good to know that you can actually travel back in a moment in which nobody (except nurses/doctors and bank robbers!) would wear mouth masks… With melodies that are joyful and welcoming in all their almost innocent like ways, there might suddenly something to be happy and smiley about. Just beam yourself into the good days and enjoy a nice time.

First a little bit of free booze to boost up the spirit, making us cheerful with a laugh and a jolly dance & than a dopey experience will follow, one of hanging out in the music equivalent of being drugged up on Dioxazine. It’s here as if humming monks had come down in a group of ufos, ready to welcome us in their midst, feel accepted within their warm pleasant bizarre state of welcoming sounds. Not bad, eh?

And than Ohsaurus just continues with pleasuring our senses on this classic album among pure electric joyfulness. A happy upbeat freakout with sensual upbeat vibes will make you feel all good and uplifted. You will find you instantly in higher feel good spirits, no matter if you had been evicted, kicked out or had to eat out of dumpsters for a while. This music here is an upper, boosting the morale. You can just hear the joy of the artist creating it, really hoping to give us that roof above our head and than (as if it hadn’t been good enough!) give us plenty of quirky upbeat reasons to go through the roof and dance upon it for glorious feel good reasons.

But don’t worry if you are worried that you are too stiff to dance into escapist escapades, as Ohsaurus simply makes you feel at home, no matter what. You can chose to sit back on these tiles and let the melodies and rhythms just play over your head, pick them up with your heart like a playful child that just got a new toy to either play or stare happily at. This music grabs the dark clouds and tosses it in the bin & quickly replaces it all with a certain pure lightweight joy that you can easily flip off the switch of your overworked thinking capacities & just embrace a nice time of no worries at all. Let Ohsaurus do the thinking, while at the same time coming across as if all that you hear cones out so naturally, that it might be joyfully made while on a automatic creative transmission.

Just hear the super fun baselines in Reduced and you know that all falls in place, that all puzzle pieces had come together. Who cares that this is not made in 2021 but probably around 9 years ago? It is very relevant, as who doesn’t want to escape in a happy manic zone of artist expression who clearly loves what it was doing and that fun attitude is captivating and in fact a good hearted escape plan for anyone out there in these harsh days of trouble. Is it not great that thanks to the internet and the digital age, we can just teleport back into happier and more innocent times & just stay there for a bit? Catch some breath, enjoy the music and embrace the fun!

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